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“Puncture wound” is deadly. first aid before sending it to the doctor

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From the case of contractor news Was pinched by a saw blade into a “pierced wound” and then pulled out until the blood flowed non-stop and died. Today the doctor came out and told me how to take care of it. first aid

From the case of contractor news was embroidered by a saw blade “puncture wound” Then pull it out until the blood flows out non-stop. and later died as an example case That was mentioned by doctors after the case of a famous drama series in 2016, which had a scene where the protagonist in the drama There was a knife stuck in the body until the hospital, then the doctor (in the story) injected an anesthetic and pulled the knife out. At that time, many doctors came out to know that If there are sharp objects stuck in the body should not be pulled out by yourself may lead to an accelerated death and from the latest case the same

The drama-addict page gives information that if you encounter such an event How should first aid be done? Importantly, there is a prohibition that absolutely cannot be done, do not pull out the embroidered items. Do not press or move the object. Because it will cause a lot of blood immediately. to the point of death immediately Apart from doing these prohibitions Trying to keep the injured person as still as possible if there is blood seeping from the wound Use gauze or a clean cloth to apply gentle pressure to the wound around the object that is stuck in it. (but do not move that object) and immediately call 1669

Dr. Warut Phisutthinonthakul Medical practitioner specializing in cardiothoracic surgery have given knowledge If there are sharp objects Pakkha lives as follows. “puncture wound” The body should not pull out on its own. If you stubbornly pull out sharp objects stuck in your body may lead to an accelerated death Because the blood is completely drained, it is recommended that the injured person should be taken to the hospital urgently. for the doctor to check that Which part of the body has the object pierced? before making a proper treatment plan

Embedded Object Management

If you have an accident or injury that results in the implanted object penetrating through the skin Follow these steps:

  • Use gauze and apply pressure around the protruding object to control the bleeding.
  • Position it around the object to prevent it from twisting. or mobile Bandages over and around the gap to keep the object from moving.
  • If the object is relatively long make sure bandage around The object is in a safe position.
  • seek medical help If the injury is severe or if unable to move the injured safely

first aid “puncture wound”

Do not remove embedded objects. because it can cause a lot of blood loss Removing the object can damage structures and nerves. It must always be removed by a professional.
do not move the object
Do not cut the end of the object. Unless it can’t be handled.

puncture wound management
Puncture wounds range from bullet penetration, knives, scissors, sticks, and even crutches. If the injured person has a puncture wound Follow these steps:

Remove the clothing covering the wound.
Keep the wound as clean as possible. Do not use dirty clothing or materials.
If the wound does not bleed clean around
If the wound bleeds Wrap a piece of gauze around the wound and apply pressure to stop the bleeding.
Do not attempt to remove foreign bodies found in the wound.
Check if there is an exit wound on the opposite side of the puncture.
Use a sterile dressing.
Make sure the patient is sitting in a comfortable position.
seek medical help Triple call zero (000) if the blood loss is severe.

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