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Wales VS Iran: World Cup 2022 Preview (Live Channel)

Wales VS Iran: World Cup 2022 Preview (Live Channel)
Wales VS Iran: World Cup 2022 Preview (Live Channel)

Wales national team vs Iran national team

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Performance of the last 5 matches


  • 22/11/22 Always United States 1-1 (Central Field) World Cup 2022
  • 26/09/22 Lost Poland 0-1 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 23/09/22 defeated Belgium 1-2 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 15/06/22 lost to the Netherlands 2-3 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 12/06/22 Always Belgium 1-1 (home) UEFA Nations League


  • 21/11/22 defeated England 2-6 (central field) World Cup 2022
  • 16/11/22 defeated Tunisia 0-2 (central field) friendly match
  • 10/11/22 won Nicaragua 1-0 (home) friendly match
  • 27/09/22 Always Senegal 1-1 (Central Field) Friendly Match
  • 23/09/22 Uruguay won 1-0 (central field) friendly match

Performance of the two teams

  • 18/04/78 Iran lost to Wales 0-1

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