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Taunting the sky, “Zhao Wei”, the gray dragon, the ruler of the Golden Triangle.

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Who is Chuwit, “Zhao Wei”, the Mekong dragon? The ruler of the Golden Triangle challenges the United States to boycott the Roman Kings casino. Preparing to open an international airport gray capital soaring in the sky

Let’s get to know “Zhao Wei” economic zone presidentgolden triangle Brave to fight US sanctionsRoman Kings Casino in another angle He is a big businessman, philanthropist.

Chuwitwho is “Zhao Wei” I don’t care because the kingdomgolden triangleexpand to open an international airport Mae Fah Luang Airport Championships

Due to the case of gray Chinese capital Chuwit Kamolvisit Come out to unfold 5 Chinese mafia groups by linking to Zhao Wei, owner of the Roman Kings Casino. golden triangle

Actually, Thai people know the reputation.Zhao Wei long time ago building picturesRoman Kings Casino Outstanding on Don Sao Island, opposite Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province

At the beginning of 2018, there was a big news about the United States. Boycott activities related toZhao Wei business ownerRoman Kings Casinos, entertainment and gambling establishments in the SEZgolden triangle Bokeo District, Lao PDR

Date 3 Feb. 2018 Zhao Wei Open a press conference to retaliate against the United States aggressively! In conclusion, “Unilateral sanctions against other countries It’s an unreasonable behavior. And nonsense… Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone is a special economic zone that the Lao government has approved to be established with the central government The local administrative organization of the Lao PDR is the protector.”

Recently, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the United Nations agency that coordinates international drug control activities, has warned that unregulated growth is becoming increasingly common. of the business enclave andcasino In Lao PDR is opening up new options for money laundering and drug trafficking.

The UNODC office is concerned about the growth of the SEZ.golden triangle operated byZhao Wei who ownsRoman Kings Casino

‘Who is Zhao Wei?

over 20 years ago “Zhao Wei” opencasinoLives in Mong La, Tai People’s Special Administrative Region, Shan State, Myanmar, with the support of Jai Lun, leader of the La Mong La militia.

slip away is the leader of the Tai City National Rescue Army One Wing of the Burma Communist Party negotiated an armistice with the Burmese military government and to establish a special administrative region in Shan State Adjacent to the Chinese border in Yunnan Province

then slip awayhas given the opportunity for Chinese capital groups to opencasino whichZhao Wei have experience doingcasinoCame from Macau, came to opencasino inMuang La until it got the nickname la casino king

Later, the Yunnan government tightened the entry and exit of the China-Myanmar border. to wipe out the criminal gangs in the two nations casinoofZhao Wei had to shut down because no one came to gamble, resulting in Zhao Weimove capitalcasino to Laos

2007 Zhao Wei show upgolden triangle When the Lao PDR allows concessions for specific economic zone projectsgolden triangle Which is located at Ban Ton Phueng, Bo Kaeo Subdistrict, opposite Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province and Tha Khi Lek Province, Shan State.

The Lao government allows the Ngew Kham flower group. Get the right to lease the land on Don Sao Island Ton Phueng Town on the Mekong River, Bo Kaeo District, 827 hectares (5,169 rai) for 99 years to build a comprehensive entertainment center

late 2009 Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone Has been officially launched There are hotels, resorts, duty-free shops, entertainment venues. and commercial buildings But the most well known is Roman Kings Casino

In 2014, the Lao government signed a revised concession agreement on development.Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone Therefore, the special economic zone has been expanded. It has investments in real estate, industry and agribusiness.

Zhao Wei recently received a medal from the Lao People's Army. As a supporter of the Bo Kaeo sub-district military

‘Dragon Soaring the Sky’

2 years during the covid epidemic situation “Zhao Wei” Ambush to build Bokeo International Airport which is the dream ofZhao Wei since the early years of the development concessiongolden triangle 2007

Bokeo International Airport It is an important jigsaw to open the door to the internationalization ofGolden Triangle Special Economic Zone

In the middle of 2020, the Lao government has approved the Dok Ngew Kham Group. Build an airport in the areaGolden Triangle Special Economic Zone Costing $150 million to build, the airport will be a runway size 2,500 meters long and 60 meters wide, capable of handling Boeing 737-900ERs and other commercial aircraft.

Zhao Wei There are plans to open the airport in early 2022 by US security forces. Watching with excitement because Zhao Wei The Mekong dragon will soar in the sky with a standard airport on land.golden triangle

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