Korean series synopsis “Under The Queen’s Umbrella | Under The Queen’s Umbrella” [2022]

“Courageous Queen and a mother who goes through the wind and rain for her children.”

Title: Under The Queen’s Umbrella (other name The Queen’s Umbrella)
Korean name: 슈룹 | syu-rub
Series Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy, Retro, Historical
Series Rating : 16+
Director: Kim Hyung Sik (About Time director)
Screenwriter: Park Bara
Producers: Studio Dragon and How Pictures.
Number of episodes aired : 16 episodes, 73 minutes per episode (approximately)
Broadcast in Korea via : cable channel tvN and streaming TVING, Netflix
Broadcast date: Every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM. (According to Korea)
Broadcast period : First episode 15 October – 4 December 2022
broadcast in Thailand Thai subtitles are copyrighted: NetflixTH every Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 (according to Thailand)

character introduction

Kim Hye Soo as Im Hwar Young
both the consort of the great king and is the mother of the crown prince and the four children of the ruthless prince who are said to be the children It’s a disgrace to the royal family. a queen with a fragile mind and impulsive even though she used to be a cold-hearted person But it exploded on the day she became queen and the mother of the rebellious prince. son who doesn’t want to go anywhere Sometimes they even forget their status. and became a frequent swearing machine Every day in her royal palace was filled with trials of life. But the queen stood up for her children. always with a firm determination “No matter what happens This mother will take care of herself.”

Kim Hae Sook as Millennial Monk
If it’s a boxer, the millennial monk or the former concubine Jo, it is Im Hwaryeong’s main boxing match, stepping up from the royal concubine first. Do anything for your son and can make a son born from a concubine to step on the throne instead Crown Prince Tae In Consort Yun’s son Highly intelligent and a one-man planner. When he learned the secret of the crown prince fell ill thus proclaiming himself as an enemy against blatant queen and prepare to find a prince of a concubine who agrees to take the throne instead

Seo Yi Sook as Queen Yoon
Former queen and mother of Crown Prince Tae In who died of ischemic disease

Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho
Ok Ja Yeon as Concubine Hwang or poet In Hwang, the mother of Prince Uiseong The eldest son of King Iho
Kim Ga Eun as Concubine Tae So Yong The mother of the wise Prince Bo Gum
Bae In Hyuk as the Crown Prince
Moon Sang Min as Prince Seongnam 2nd son of Queen Im Hwaryeong
Yoon Sang Hyun as Prince Moo An 3rd son of Queen Im Hwaryeong
Yoo Seon Ho as Prince Kyesung 4th son of Queen Im Hwaryeong
Park Ha Joon as Prince Il Young The 5th son of Queen Im Hwaryeong
Kang Chan Hee as Prince Ui Sung The eldest son of King Iho and his concubine Hwang
Kim Min Ki as Prince Bo Gum Son of Concubine Tae or Tae So Yong

Moon Sung Hyun as Prince Sim So
Kim Eui Sung as Hwang Won Hyung
Jang Hyun Sung as Yoon Soo Kwang
Kim Young Jae as Min Seung Yoon
Han Dong Hee as Princess Min
Seo Woo Jin as Prince Won Sun
Lee So Hee as Park Sang Goong
Park Joon Hyun as Sung Goong Shin
Woo Jung Won as Sang Gong Go
Yoo Yeon as Sang Goong Oh
Lee Jung Eun as Sang Goong Nam
Woo Jung Won as Monk Go
Jeon Hyewon as Jo Wol
Jung Ae Yoon as Hang Soo
Lee Hwa Gyom as Ok Sook Won
Song Young Ah as Sook Yong
Shin Soo Jung as So Eui
and Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) plays the main secret character. in a special guest role

Series Synopsis “Under The Queen’s Umbrella | Under The Queen’s Umbrella”

There is no day that Queen Im Hwaryeong (played by Kim Hye Soo) will live a peaceful life. She works as the queen and mother of the crown prince (played by Bae In Hyuk) and four other sons from dawn until dawn the next day. to arrange to chase the children to enter a trace Some days have to invade the brothel to carry his son back to the palace at dawn

Especially on the morning of the important day that King Lee Ho (played by Choi Won Young), the overlord of Joseon and her husband, will visit the Jonghak University Office. to test the knowledge of the princes son in him who studied to write and read in order to prepare for the administration of the country at this bureau

while the sons of the other concubines They sat in the palanquin, traveling with the concubine’s mother. to wait to see each other in unison, but the four sons of the Queen, including Prince Seongnam (played by Moon Sang Min), 2nd son Prince Moo An (played by Yoon Sang Hyun), 3rd son Prince Kyesung (played by Yoo Sun) Ho) The 4th son and the youngest, the 5th son, Prince Il Young (played by Park Ha Joon), each of them still can’t see their heads. The Queen had to rush to resolve the issue in front of her within 30 minutes before His Highness arrived. and get through today without difficulty

amidst the waves of power in the palace The Queen’s shield that is having an eldest son was appointed as the heir which people regarded as being complete with both looks and knowledge and it is something that heals the mind in the midst of all the chaos

different from The four mischievous sons who were gossip all over the place saying It’s a shame for the royal family, even the millennial monk (played by Kim Hae Sook) called Jik Kaban. Those children, in front of Im Hwaryeong, of course, the relationship between the Nation’s mother-in-law and the Queen. not eating lines Because often the queen often shows disrespect for the millennium. in front of others and dare to argue if they disagree and especially if someone comes to insult and insult his son She is ready to fight The type is not in front of Inna in front of Brahma.

But then the rainstorm raged on. Queen Im Hwaryeong Kind of not keeping up when the crown prince He collapsed before his eyes. Dr. Luang Kwon, a doctor at the Crown Prince Palace, diagnosed him with ischemic disease. Incurable disease, only death. and the same disease Crown Prince Tae In got sick and died, and the Queen ordered the royal doctors and all the maids in the palace to shut their mouths tightly. before finding a solution

Surprisingly, Royal Doctor Jo Kook Young Which is the only person who can cure this terrible disease to be relieved. Instead, the thousand-year-old monk was sent out of the palace to treat his relatives in another city the next morning. There is another peculiarity, that is, King I Ho has suddenly announced the selection process. monks study to attend school to be friends with the Crown Prince who had never been before The Queen later learned that the person who suggested this to the King was Her Majesty the Queen.

while traveling to the royal residence to take care of his son’s condition Queen Im Hwaryeong was shocked to find that the thousand-year-old monk was sitting still next to her. The bed of the crown prince who had fainted and slept for a long time was unable to wake up. That means that the ischemic disease that the son fell ill already knew about her ears as well. Before returning to the thousand-year monk If the crown prince is anything There was no way the queen’s four sons could ascend the throne in place of his brother.

In the midst of the endless rainstorm, Im Hwaryeong decided to walk with an umbrella. Leaving the royal palace in the middle of the night to meet someone Wang asks for advice and asks for advice about a serious illness he has faced before. That person is the former Queen Yoon (played by Seo Yi Sook), the former queen and the mother of Crown Prince Tae In. who died of ischemic disease as well Until finally, the throne fell to the son of concubine Joe. Which is now this one thousand years old monk.

in the life and death of the crown prince The queen’s real enemy gradually reveals herself as the millennial has asked Sang Gung Nam (played by Lee Jung Eun) to send a secret memo. concubine’s son ascended the throne Go to all the mothers, concubines to stir up the competition to find friends to study with the crown prince more fun.

Come and join the exciting story. fighting for children of the Queen of Joseon A woman who adheres to and follows the rules without thinking that it is backwards But he was more awake than anyone in the same era. She is brave, smart, and leading the way other women of the Joseon era in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM on NetflixTH.

Online drama recommend that it’s cool :: The queen’s eldest son, the crown prince, was born ill with a disease and died alone. The future around the palace fence began to shake. Therefore, the queen had to run with her legs to wrestle the throne of the four princes, the lazy son of a ruthless man, to prepare to inherit the throne instead of his brother. along with having to face the battle around The number 1 enemy is the thousand-year-old monk who doesn’t like his face. and staring at the queen who didn’t bow down to leave the royal palace, including her mother, concubines, rivals. who try to usurp the throne for their own children with a thousand-year-old monks as their roll models

periodic series compete for power, compete for luck in the fence around the palace Mother will fight for her child fast paced No sluggishness to be irritated, outspoken, witty, super fun, and the most boiling, especially the wife-in-law couple, Queen Kim Hye, clashing with the naughty mother-in-law, the Millennial King, Kim Hae Sook. It’s too much to describe.

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The original title was The Queens Umbrella at launch, before it became Under The Queens Umbrella.





























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