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Thailand VS Croatia: Preview of the Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2022 with live channels

Thailand VS Croatia: Preview of the Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2022 with live channels
Thailand VS Croatia: Preview of the Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2022 with live channels
Cr. Photo : Grand Sport
  • list : 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships, first round, group B, 3rd match
  • Matches: Thai national team vs Croatia national team
  • Competition date/time : Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
  • stadium : Erko Arena, Gdansk, Poland
  • Live broadcast : Workpoint TV (23)

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Thai national team

The Thai girl’s rubber ball smasher, the 14th team in the world, showed a hot form in the opening match of the World Championship. When revenge overcame Turkey 3-2, the most thrilling set, but last night last night. They were unable to resist the strength of the hosts Poland, losing 0-3 in a decisive set, leaving them now with 2 points, 4th in Group B.

However, for the Thai girls team must compete in this game continuously. with a break of only less than 16 hours. From the time of the end of last night’s game However, it is expected that “Coach Urgent” Danai Sriwatcharamethakul Should still use the same 6 main players In the start, they consisted of Pornphan Kerdprach, Pimpitchaya Kokram, Chatchuon Moksri, Atcharaporn Kongyot, Hattaya Bamrungsuk and Thaddao Nukchaeng, with Piyanut Pannoi and Nattaporn. Close in the middle is a libero, but there will be a rotation of other players. definitely come down during the game to give the core athletes some rest

Croatia national team

The 20th-ranked Croatian national team defeated Belgium in the 2022 Challenger Cup final at the end of July. Made it possible to compete in the Nations League 2023 for the first time successfully. But in this battle They started with a 1-3 set defeat to Poland, before losing 0-3 to the Dominicans, leaving them without a point, fifth in Group B.

For the list of athletes of the Croatian national team May not be very familiar to Thai sports fans because Croatia rarely competes in the same tournaments as the Thai national team and has not met with the Thai girls team for more than 10 years. Probably the star of team captain No. 13 Samantha Fabris who scored the highest points for the team in the last game with 11 points, and Lucia Mlina, the No. 9, who has scored 24 points. from the last 2 matches


Thai girl army It’s a great opening for this tournament. But the latest game I have to admit that they played quite the wrong form. Which is the result of a way of playing that is difficult to cope with. Plus the advantage of Poland’s height as well, but on the bright side, playing only three sets may have a positive effect on the continuous play in this game. because his physical condition has not been used too aggressively

However, if comparing the playing standards And the potential of athletes, it is still a Thai girl team that looks superior Especially the experience of playing on a global stage, as Croatia has never played in the top league of the World Grand Prix, including the Nations League, and has not competed in the World Championship. last time too

However, the Thai girl hitter can’t be underestimated as well, because Croatia is so good that it can beat Belgium and prepare to be a freshman in the VNL battle next year. European teams often have trouble dealing with fast speeds. And the fluency of the Thai girl team Causing it may still not catch the wrong way in the first meeting In addition, the average height of the Croatian girls team. It is not considered very large. Compared to other teams in Europe, it is believed that this game if the Thai national team is not too tired. and restore the body would probably survive came back to win again


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