Professor Dr. Chai-anan Samutavanich (86): Coup d’etat, November 17, 1971.

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The 17 November 1971 coup was the sixth coup d’etat in 38 years, following previous coups: the June 1933 coup, the November 1947 coup, and the November 1951 coup. , September 1957 coup and October 1958 coup

In addition to the coup, 17 November 1971 will be the sixth coup. It is also a coup d’etat known as “The coup itself” If counting the coup itself, the 17 November 1971 coup was the second self-inflicted coup in 38 years. Coup d’etat in November 1951Field Marshal P. Phibunsongkhram The coup took power from the Prime Minister named Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram.

Coup d’etat 17 November 1971 Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn The coup took power from the Prime Minister who had the same name and title as himself. This second coup d’etat happened after Ajarn Chai-anan graduated with a doctorate and returned to Thailand for three months. At that time, he had not come to teach at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, but taught at the National Institute of Development Administration or NIDA. Called Ajarn Chai Anan as Dr. He was very young, only 27 years old. At that time, it was difficult to find a doctoral degree at the age of 27. If anyone had a problem with finishing a doctorate quickly, it would be:Luang Pradit Manutham (Pridi Banomyong) who graduated with a doctorate at the age of only 26 years, slashing Ajarn Chai-anan by only one year

But if anyone has fun and wants to sort the age of PhD graduates from 26 – 27- 28 of Thai intellectual scholars probably include Ajarn Pridi Banomyong (26), Ajarn Chai-anan (27) and Professor Emeritus Dr. Bowonsak Uwanno Because Ajarn Bowonsak graduated with a doctorate in law from France at the age of 28.

But if you count the new academic teachers (That is newer than the three mentioned above) will find that at least one person has broken the record for finishing a doctorate. At only 25 years old and with a doctorate in law from Stanford University. Considered one of the top universities in the United States, Ivy Plus (Ivy Plus has more top universities than the Ivy League) and Stanford law graduates at the age of 25 are: Associate Professor Dr. Jet Donavanik
Personally, I graduated with a PhD at the age of 33.
When talking about the age of 33, it was found that after Ajarn Chai-anan graduated with a doctorate at the age of 27 years later, only a few years later. He got a professor very quickly, that is, he was a professor only around the age of 33-35. Personally, I was a professor and had thrown in over fifty.

When it comes to people who are fast professors It reminded me of a British academic and politician. This person’s name Inoch Powell In 1937 he was appointed professor of Greek at the University of Sydney at the age of 25, becoming a professor at 25. He regrets that he was too late. because he even intended to get a professor before he was 24, because his rival in mind was A German philosopher who has been a professor of Greek-Latin since the age of 24 German philosopher who has been a professor since the age of 24 is Friedrich Nietzsche (or pronounced in Thai as nitche)

Although Inok Powell was a professor later than Nietzsche. But he should have been delighted that he had passed away at 86, while Nietzsche had died at the age of 56.

Returned to the coup d’état on November 17, 1971, when the coup took place. How does a 27-year-old political science doctor like Ajarn Chai-anan react?

The teacher told the book “Choose Life” that “I myself am moving towards a bureaucratic future in an era of democratic development where the road seems to be strewn with rose petals. I am only 27 years old, have a Ph.D., have a ‘connection’ and am energetic……my father is making progress. service My friends… they’re big. I was faced with the choice I made to stand against the constitutional-subverting powers.”
which Ajarn Chai-anan said about having “Connection” that because at home, the teacher is familiar withProfessor Dr. Malai Huwanan who is the president of NIDA The institute where Ajarn Chai-anan was working as a teacher at that time. that is intimate becauseKhunying Ubon Huwanan With the teacher’s mother being a member of the same band of cards Father Ajarn Chai Anan (Police Major Chana Samutawanich) is also close to Ajarn Malai. Plus the children of both families Ajarn Chai-anan is friends with Dr. Uma Sukonthaman daughter of Ajarn Malai and Ajarn Ubon
At the same time, the father and teacher also have a friend named Major General Smart Hiransiri (General later), who was a military officer who was playing a high role and was a key figure in the coup d’etat.

Master Malai and other scholars went to help the coup troupe on November 17, 1971. In addition to Ajarn Malai, there were also Dr. Chub Kanchanapakorn Vice President NIDA Dr. Paichit Ueathaweekul young economist And Ajarn Malai also wanted to draw Ajarn Chai Anan to help with the work. But just one day after the coup Ajarn Chai-anan wore a suit. Wearing dark arms to work at NIDA and openly tell anyone The teacher mourned for a friend named ‘constitution’ Which was crushed by a tank last night!

When the professor reveals his stance against the coup Ajarn Malai did not dare to invite. but told the teacher’s father that he was sorry

Besides Ajarn Malai, Ajarn Chub and Ajarn Paichit Ajarn Chai-anan also said that at the Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University at that time, many teachers had “Connection” with a lot of soldiers because they went to teach the Army at the Army Chief of Staff such as Professor Jaroon Suphap and Professor Dr. Kamol Somwichian Will be close with Maj. Gen. Smart Hiransiri Professor Dr. Kamol Thongthammachatclose with Lt. Gen. Sawang Senanarong

At the same time, most of the scholars at the academically growing NIDA have joined the procession joining the coup junta. after the coup There have been a number of academics to help the coup d’etat. where Ajarn Chai-anan uses the word go “Help the nation”

But if there were, it might even lead to a civil war.

Dr. Warin Wongharnchao

Akorn Hoontrakul
As for Ajarn Chai-anan, he is opposed to the junta. He has conspired with fellow academics and two businessmen to lead the drafting of the manifesto and the pursuit of academic signatures against the coup d’etat. A fellow scholar who said this was Dr. Warin Wongharnchao which at that time was at Kasetsart University The business friend is Mr. Akorn Hoontrakul A former British student working at the bank. (later to be the owner of the Imperial School) by Ajarn Chai Anan intended that going to ask Teacher Puey Ungphakorn also signed.

But back and forth, Ajarn Chai-anan admitted that have more fear than courage therefore failed to draw up a declaration and hunt for a list of names which the teacher said His fear had an advantage: it kept the two friends from getting caught. Because if a statement must be caught because a friend of Ajarn Chai-anan named Ajarn Suwicha Woravichianwong son of Colonel Sutham Wichienwong people close to Lt. Gen. Sawang Senanarong Confirm that Ajarn Chai-anan and the person who signed it will definitely be arrested.

Ajarn Chai-anan also said that The soldiers then and today are different. Back then, the coup protests “It’s something that few people dare to do. Because of the power of the military in the twenty and thirty years ago Don’t just say people The dog still ran away with his tail touching his ass.”

But from the 2006 coup until the 2014 coup, there will be dramatic changes. More people dared to protest the coup. And probably more and more, so the coup in Thai politics should not have a future anymore. The more the coup itself, the more there is no way.

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