Ban Mae Lua, Phrae Province, a small village in the valley, a community of people who make meang and grow coffee.

Ban Mae Lua, Phrae Province. Take me to slow life to allow time to walk slowly at the community of people who make meang and grow coffee. The beginning of the route to conquer Doi Chang Pha Dan

Phrae Province is a small, quiet city that many people tend to overlook as just a city on the way up to other provinces in the north, but Phrae still has many interesting attractions. various styles that are still waiting for travelers to visit once Both a chilling trip in the nature or a wader, walking through the forest, climbing a mountain, and one ofPhrae travel that answer both All in one place is Mae Lua’s house A small community that is the starting point for the journey to conquer the summit of Doi Chang Pha Dan for anyone who wants to visit this village of Mae Lua. We have some interesting things to know as follows:

Doi Chang Pha Dan

Where is Ban Mae Lua located?

Ban Mae Lua is located in Tambon Pa Daeng. Mueang Phrae District, Phrae Province, about 30 kilometers southeast of the city and not far from Phra That Cho Hae.

Characteristics of Mae Lua Village

This area was originally the settlement of Lua people. or the indigenous ethnic groups that have lived in Lanna since ancient times But they later migrated with no clear evidence of when and for what reason they abandoned their settlements. in Nan Province which has an area adjacent to Phrae province and is an important habitat for Lua people in Thailand

After about 100 years, people from the plains migrated up to Ban Mae Lua. And also called the village name after the race of those who lived before, Mae Lua, and became Mae Lua until today.

At present, Ban Mae Lua has 2 villages, which are Moo 4 and Moo 6, totaling about 300 households. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture, such as planting Miang-fermented Miang, growing coffee, mulberry, and Jiaogulan (a type of herb used to make tea. It has properties to reduce blood sugar levels and dissolve fats). There is no rice planting area. The main crop that is most commonly grown is Miang (the villagers pronounce Miang) and there are many tourist attractions in the community. As the village motto says

Visit Mae Lua, Lua Land, Dan Miang water source
See Pha Dan Cave, Sao Wa Waterfall, and the roof of Phrae City

Ban Mae Lua, a community of migrant workers

The condition of Ban Mae Lua is a high area. It is in the Mae Kon-Mae Sai National Forest Reserve. The highest point is about 840 meters above sea level at Doi Chang Pha Dan area. Therefore, the Miang planting at Ban Mae Lua is planted on the hillsides or plains with not much area. A family will have an area to grow miang and other crops about 3-10 rai (a rai can grow about 1,000 miang trees). A year, the miang can be harvested 4 times in order for the miang to sprout new leaves. Each tree can collect Miang leaves for about 2 months, circulating alternately throughout the year. It is considered the main occupation and income of over 300 Mae Lua families.

Miang is a wild tea or tea native to the north. Its scientific name is Camellia sinnensis Seem. In the family Theaceae, it is in the Assam tea family. It is a small perennial plant. It grows well in highlands. and the weather is cold Or along the valley, small, long leaves with a sour and astringent taste. Lanna people or northern people like to collect Miang leaves, steam it and then ferment it for snacking and eating. Because it makes it not sleepy or refreshing, rejuvenated, bright eyes because the tea leaves contain caffeine. In the past, Lanna people used to use Miang to welcome guests. take after meals You may add a little salt to reduce the sourness. Or chew and chew while farming. because there will be Miang juice coming out not thirsty It is also used to miang in auspicious ceremonies since ancient times.

Mae Lua's house

Mae Lua coffee, deliciousness from coffee beans.
planted on the top of the mountain

Due to the declining popularity of Bai Miang nowadays As a result, the village began to grow more coffee trees. Starting from dividing the seedlings to try planting in the field and learning about coffee cultivation and care from foreign academics

There are 2 varieties of Ban Mae Lua coffee, Arabica and Robusta. The uniqueness of coffee here is that it is grown on a mountain at an altitude of 1,000-1,300 meters above sea level and does not use chemicals. no weed killer no chemical fertilizer Use only natural fertilizers. Makes the taste of coffee light. It is a real natural flavor through the selection of defects, roasting and grinding every seed by hand, through meticulous processing at every step. It is packaged in a well sealed airtight bag. can be stored for a long time

Mae Lua's house

Attractions near Ban Mae Lua

Doi Chang Pha Dan

Located at Ban Mae Lua It is a prominent limestone mountain peak. It is shaped like a crouching elephant. About 840 meters above sea level, it is the highest point of the province. Therefore, it is like Phrae city roof It is one of the popular places for tourists to hike and climb up the mountain to experience the beautiful scenery and fresh air throughout the year. The walk up the mountain is about 5 kilometers long, but it is sharp limestone in the 500 range. the last meter and must climb which at the top can travel both overnight and non-staying They must ask for permission in the Pha Dan Elephant Non-Hunting Area and must have villagers to take care of the tour every time.

Mae Lua's house

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Phra That In hanging replica

It is located at the Maha Bodhiwongsajriyaram Meditation Center. Doi Pha Sawan Buddhist Park Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9, Mueang Phrae District It is about 25 kilometers from the city and about 10 kilometers from Ban Mae Lua. It is a relic of the year of the Dog. Located in the midst of mountains and nature In addition to worshiping Phra That In has been hung. You will also be able to experience the largest Buddha image in Thailand.

Mae Lua's house

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Baan Na Khuha

It is about 12 kilometers from Ban Mae Lua, located at Tambon Suan Khuean. Mueang Phrae District It is a small village in the middle of the valley and nature. Until being classified as an excellent source of ozone, ranked 1 in 7 in Thailand ever. The highlight of this place is Wat Na Khuha with a large Buddha image of Phra Chao Thanjai. located in the middle of rice fields And there is a bamboo bridge stretching from the Buddha image across the middle of the rice field. Take a walk and chill and see the beautiful surrounding rice fields.

Mae Lua's house


The full name is Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park. Located in Mae Lai Subdistrict, Nam Cham Subdistrict, Thung Thung Hong Subdistrict Mueang Phrae District It is about 30 kilometers from Ban Mae Lua. It is a tourist attraction created by nature. It is characteristic of soil and sandstone. that has been naturally eroded until it is formed into various shapes

Mae Lua's house

Ban Mae Lua accommodation

For anyone who wants to travel to Ban Mae Lua or want to challenge the strength of the body by going up to conquer Doi Chang Pha Dan and want to stay overnight in the village You can contact the homestay of the villagers in the village right away. in order to experience the aura and lifestyle of the villagers that are simple and peaceful At Ban Mae Lua, there is a camping ground in Mae Lua. Prepare to serve.

  • Baan Kham Khiri Phone 06-2942-4149 Facebook Kaamkiri Kamkiri

  • Mae Kham Mom’s house Phone 06-4680-0628

  • Sabaidee @ Mae Lua Phrae Phone 09-1024-6057

  • Mae Lua camping ground @ Phrae Phone 09-5225-5261

Getting to Ban Mae Lua

from Phrae Can travel both by car and motorbike Take Highway No. 1101 or 4010 to cut into Road No. 1024, heading in the same direction as Ban Na Khuha. Then turn right onto Road No. 4036, it will be the route to the community. which will have to travel for another 9 kilometers on a narrow concrete road winding up the mountain will arrive at Mae Lua’s house

Ban Mae Lua, a small village that many people often use as a way to pass or a stop for energy before going up Doi Chang Pha Dan. Until the beauty and simplicity of nature here is unfortunately neglected. So if anyone has the time Try to stop by for a walk, take a break, and let the clock of life slow down. It would be nice.

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