Khun Mae’s dream come true. Get meat alone. 9.2 million. Win until you put your belt upside down.

Khun Mae’s dream come true. Get meat alone. 9.2 million. Win until you put your belt upside down.
Khun Mae’s dream come true. Get meat alone. 9.2 million. Win until you put your belt upside down.

list “Remove the news pin”Distributed via the SONDHI APP application and the TV station NEWS1 by Nopparat Puansuk, editor of political news and justice. Group Manager Friday, September 23, 2022 presents a special report. Khun Mae’s dream come true. Get meat alone. 9.2 million. Win until you put your belt upside down.

The dream come true of Mae Panida, the mother of the watermelon star. Not Khun Toi Traipop’s wheelchair, but the healing money received from 5 people on board, plus 1 consultant, totaling 9.2 million baht.

Divided into cash and cashier’s check, preliminary 2 million baht, the rest is 30,000 baht per month for maintenance for 20 years.

You will see that it is a number that is less than the number 30 million that you calculated loudly in the current node list. until the city was scolded

But 9.2 million, it’s probably not a small amount. It is the satisfaction of both parties, otherwise you might not be okay. As soon as he left the court, he disappeared. Do not ask to speak to the media

Leaving only news photos for critics to chase after. Whether you’re wearing a brand-name belt “Gucci” upside down or you’re showing a symbolic expression Against brand-name idiots

The compensation that the two parties have agreed upon is considered appropriate. The initial sum of 2 million is not too little.

while the payment in installments, like a monthly “pension”, is a guarantee that Mother will have money to take care of herself in old age. without being able to use up prematurely

The money to heal 30,000 baht per month is still considered more than the salary that I have received from watermelon 10,000-15,000 baht per month.

this movement It’s just like people used to criticize that when the watermelon dies, the goal is to get justice for the daughter. This seems to be the main goal, but seeking healing is an equally important goal.

legal expert disclose to the team “Remove the news pin” that What you exchange for compensation is not interested Make a Criminal Case for the Watermelon’s Death Only the prosecutor is the plaintiff.

which prosecutors sued for negligence causing death to others The court can punish as much as possible. or to mitigate because the defendant is liable to civil liability will be ordered to wait for punishment

Although the agreement with the money of 9.2 million does not cause the criminal case to be suspended. because it is an offense that is a criminal offense

but may lead to the next scene is The man on the boat made a confession. for the court to decide Then the court will have a mitigating cause for the defendant. If the people on the boat still fight the case The court will not have mercy to mitigate the sentence.

However, there are still some concerns. is to receive your compensation does not disqualify the right to bring a lawsuit Because this case is a criminal land that cannot be compromised. and has a lifespan of 20 years

If the day is good You’re in a bad mood I want to be news to create more prices. will refer to stubborn that they have new evidence and then can sue the defendant again

which being a mentally unstable person of you not because of luck Because Khun Mae has been showing it all the time. Since the watermelon case

The lawyer was dumped Until many people turn upside down, whether it’s “lawyer Tum”, “lawyer Kung”, “lawyer Decha”, “lawyer in the countryside”, including people who are like lawyers like “genius”

Changing the terminals back and forth Whichever pole will speak sweeter and more pleasing to the ears Even criminals who have a case of “Bang Jack” were also chosen to help investigate the case. Plus get money from Bang Jack for three hundred thousand baht. in exchange for sending a watermelon cell phone to Bang Chom

In the criminal case, “Prosecutor Dao” Ms. Supaporn Nipavanich, prosecutor of Nonthaburi Province, pointed out that mediation between Khun Mae and the ship’s crew. It’s personal does not affect the form of the case

The prosecutor will prepare to arrange the witness examination process on December 22, doing the same full duty.

At this moment, where you are finished received compensation Advice lawyers who used to come into chaos around you It must end as well.

But it’s not like that at all. “Lawyer Tum” Sittra Biabangkerd, skewed her mouth, posted that the money of 9.2 million made justice to the end.

Becomes a fierce saliva war between “San” Nisapat and Lawyer Tum to the point of letting the dog out of their mouths. Let the taro legs have a dipping sauce.

And there is a secretly posted from “Lawyer Decha” about wishing you a long life. until the day the money is received in full

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