Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)

Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)
Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)
  • list : UEFA Nations League 2022 League A Group 2
  • Matches: Czech national team vs Portugal national team
  • Date / business hours of the competition : Saturday night, September 25, 2022 at 1:45 a.m.
  • stadium : Fortuna Arena
  • Live broadcast :

readiness condition Czech national team

Local Czechs in this game, if they wish to continue, must continue to do good work. And keep winning even if the last 5 statistics can be done, 1 win, 2 draws, 2 losses, which the work is still not very eye-catching This work must focus on the sharpness of the fight.

The condition of the team in this match They enlisted the best players. Let’s fight to the fullest. without anyone having an injury to interfere Plus there are no additional bans as well. Let me tell you that the team is ready to go on the field.

This game is expected that coach Yaroslav Chilhawi will use defenders David Sima, Yakub Brabeck, Ales Mateu and Vladimir Kufal to seal the game in support The midfielder uses Tomas Soucek, Alex Kral, Yaroslav Seleny and Andre Linger to help create opportunities in the offensive line. The forward uses Adam Lochke and Jan Kuchta to hunt the net for the team.

readiness condition Portugal national team

The visiting team “Foi Thong”, the deputy leader of the group Excellent work As with the standard of the team, with the results of the last 5 matches, 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, it is considered that the team’s form is not normal. and ready to hit the competitors at any time

readiness for this battle The team has no defenders like Pepe and Rafael Guerrero, both injured. Other than that, the other players are all ready to go on the field. And no one received any additional bans.

This game, Fernando Santos will use defenders Joao Cancelo, Danilo Pereira, Ruben Diaz and Nuno Mendes as the core of the defensive line. The midfielder uses Bernardo Silva, William Carvalho, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Jota to control the game in midfield to find rhythm to help the attacking game. The forward uses Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao to coordinate goals.

List of 11 players expected to enter the field

Czech National Team : Tomas Valik (GK), David Sima, Yakub Brabeck, Ales Mateu, Vladimir Kufal, Tomas Soucek, Alex Kral, Ya. Roselav Selene, Andre Linger, Adam Lochek, Jan Kuchta

Portugal National Team : Rui Patricio (GK), Joao Cancelo, Danilo Pereira, Ruben Diaz, Nuno Mendes, Bernardo Silva, William Carval. Ho, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Leao

Performance of the last 5 matches

Czech national team

  • 13/06/22 lost to Spain 0-2 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 10/06/22 lost to Portugal 0-2 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 06/06/22 Draw Spain 2-2 (Home) UEFA Nations League
  • 03/06/22 won Switzerland 2-1 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 30/03/22 Draw Wales 1-1 (Away) Friendly Match

Portugal national team

  • 13/06/22 lost to Switzerland 0-1 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 10/06/22 won the Czech 2-0 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 06/06/22 won Switzerland 4-0 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 03/06/22 Draw Spain 1-1 (Away) UEFA Nations League
  • 30/03/22 won North Macedonia 2-0 (home) to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

The results of the two teams meeting

  • 10/06/22 Portugal won the Czech Republic 2-0
  • 22/06/12 Czech lost to Portugal 0-1.
  • 11/06/08 Czech loses Portugal 1-3


Local Czechs, the results in this list, the last 3 games they spelled won’t win, plus the last 2 games, they haven’t scored anyone’s goals as well. That is in bad form. And this event came to meet with competitors who said that the venom around the side was considered another hard work game that the locals had to overcome the pressure to get.

While the visiting team “Foi Thong” form is better, but not as good as the last 4 games in this list, they have won 2 games, but even so, the team’s strength is can make a difference Come on, this game will open your head by closing the game quickly. To guarantee the next round in the next match for sure

If measuring the form and potential of the players of both teams considered this work The locals seem to have a bit of a hard time with their incomplete form. As for the visiting team, it looks more complete. This work is measured at the sharpness of both of them. But if measured until the end of the whistle The visiting team should be able to win. because of the diversity in the players Should give the team a dimension in making the game better than sure.

expected score

Czech national team 1-3 Portugal team

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