Niti Condo’s news A woman’s body was found dead alone in her room for 2 months.

Niti Condo’s news A woman’s body was found dead alone in her room for 2 months.
Niti Condo’s news A woman’s body was found dead alone in her room for 2 months.
Niti Condo thinks the mouse is dead. I couldn’t find much. After 2 months, a foul smell from the room opened the door. The body of the owner of the room is dead, no one knows.

at a condo Nonthaburi 1 Road, Suan Yai Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, today (23 Sept. 65) at 11:00 a.m., Pol. Maj. Gen. Chitphong Changpradit, Deputy Senator of Muang Nonthaburi Police Station. along with Por Teck Tung Foundation staff to come to check After being informed that there was a death in the condo Then coordinated the doctors from the Institute of Forensic Sciences rushed to investigate. At the scene of the accident, on the 9th floor of the condo, inside the room, the deceased was found a 52-year-old female body, expected to have died at least 2 months ago.

Ask for information from the condo caretaker that Previously, the deceased was with 2 older sisters. Later, she fell ill and died two years ago, leaving her alone all the time.

Usually the deceased Will go up and down the condo to buy things, including going out to practice meditation often until 2 months ago, the residents of the condo began to smell a strong stench. At first I understood that the mouse was dead. but can’t find me Then the smell began to fade, but still some.

until last The housekeeper of the condo put the document under the door of the deceased’s room. At that moment, the wind blew the smell into his nose, so he was sure that the stench would definitely come from this room. In addition, the death toll was not seen for several months. therefore had the mechanic bring the lock to open therefore saw that the owner of the room had died

Police officers assumed the deceased. likely to have an underlying disease then relapse Losing consciousness and being alone, no one saw and helped cause death. However, it will expedite the coordination of relatives and hand over the deceased to the Por Teck Tung Foundation staff to send to the Institute of Forensic Science. Thammasat Chalermprakiet Rangsit Hospital for the next autopsy

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