‘Chakphan’ goes to scramble after Sor Kor. waits 13 minutes to cross the road. Prepare to expand ‘Bangkok Yai Garden’ to include abandoned houses at Chatchat through the vine.

‘Chakphan’ goes to scramble after Sor Kor. Wirat has waited 13 minutes to cross the road. Prepare to expand ‘Bangkok Yai Garden’ to include abandoned houses that Chatchat used to break through the vines.

On September 22 in Bangkok Yai Mr. Chakphan Phew-ngam, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, together with Mr. Wirat Kongkakhet, Sor. The Democrat Party, Mr. Sumet Amornsrivarakul, Director of Bangkok Yai District, and his team visited the area to survey the gardening area for 15 minutes at Bangkok Yai District.

By Mr. Chakphan and his team, come to Soi Sikarin Village, Tha Phra MRT Station, to see the gardening site for 15 minutes at the central island of the train pole.

Subsequently, the delegation walked into the Bangkok Yai Garden which has been constructed to improve the runway because the old things are made of wood and has decay Therefore, there is a new construction It is reinforced concrete for strength.

In the vicinity, there will be a project to expand the size of Bangkok Yai Park on the land of Mrs. Usa Suwanakarn, who has written a will to give up 1 rai of land and buildings to the Fine Arts Department by Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Governor of Bangkok. come and explore the place before taking the position of Governor of Bangkok

for such houses When Mrs. Usa died, she raised her house, her belongings, and things inside the house. and 1 rai of land for the Fine Arts Department The Department has kept only the assets since 2005, but has not been restored. The said house was in a dilapidated condition. As for the wooden house structure, it also collapsed.

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Later, Mr. Chakphan and his team Travel to see danger spots At the mouth of Soi Petchkasem 4, because such areas There is a zebra crossing across Petchkasem Road by Mr. Wirat Sor Kor. Bangkok Yai District. Complaint such problem that Cars on the road drive at high speed. causing people to walk across the road with difficulty He used to time to cross, it took 13 minutes, and at night the lights at the crosswalk were not enough. which is at risk of having an accident

Then traffic and transport officials came out to say that the crosswalk will be painted red. to be completed within 1 week

Mr. Chakphan added that There will be consideration to install a stop signal press. for people to cross the road along with coordinating with the Office of Public Works to install additional lighting in the crosswalk

Later, Mr. Chakphan and his team traveled to the area under the bridge over the Bang Phai Canal on Petchkasem Road because there was a public parking lot in the parking area. Mr. Chakphan Therefore ordered the installation of a prohibition parking sign. and let the officers come to check on a regular basis

Before going to the last point at Wat Tha Phra School to see about school waste sorting The school received an award Passed the 1st round of the Zero Waste School project for the year 2022 of the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. The school has encouraged students to separate waste. until the actual amount of waste that must be disposed of has decreased The recyclable waste is sold by the school to antique shops. which the proceeds from the sale The school bought toys. school supplies for further distribution to students. food waste The school has to continue to use as fish food.

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