depressed! 2 twins parents abandoned Take care of the 90-year-old great-grandfather, sleep at Ban Phung, ask for rice at the temple to eat to sustain life.

Begging the philanthropist to help 2 twin brothers, their parents left, living with great-grandmother for 90 years, sick, forgetful, sleeping at the Zinc Pu’s house. Asking for rice at the temple to eat to sustain life, dreaming of studying high, wanting to be a doctor-prosecutor

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On September 23, 65, reporters were informed that two twin brothers were living with a 90-year-old great-grandmother who was ill with old age and poverty in a dilapidated wooden house. with difficulty After the parents separated Relying on neighbors to help share food to eat. The reporters then traveled to check the facts.

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At the house number 110/2, Village No. 2, Wang Chik Subdistrict, Pho Prathap Chang District, Phichit Province, which is a one-story wooden house. that is near the collapse of time In the house that is dilapidated when the sun is blocked near the rain, there are 3 lives, where Mrs. Lamduan surrounds a millionaire, a 90-year-old great-grandmother who is ill with an old illness, has forgotten symptoms, lives with difficulty with Two 15-year-old twin granddaughters, Miss Benjarong Lom Sethi or Nong Fah, and Ms. Benjawan Lom Sethi or Nong Fon, whose house is dilapidated, folk collapsed next to the house wall. The roof, which is old galvanized, is leaking.

All three of them lived in hardships. Because the children of great-grandmother Lamduan which is the grandfather of Nong Fah and Nong Fon Died 5 years ago, coupled with Nong Fah’s parents, Nong Fon separated. The three of them lived by relying on the great-grandmother’s pension, 900 baht per month, and part of the money was not much. From aunt and mother of Nong Fah Nong Fon who help to go to school 70 baht per day

Including neighbors who help support and Wang Chik temple to share food from monks to eat. So begged the philanthropists to help repair the residential house. and scholarships to follow Nong Fah’s dreams Nong Fon who wants to study at the university level to be a doctor and the prosecutor as he had dreamed

Nong Benjawan said that there are 3 people at home, which are great-grandmother and Ton and Nong Fah. which are twins Currently, they and Fah are studying in Mathayom 4 at Sraluang Pittayakom School. by living in a dilapidated house Each day, he and his elder brother will take care of the great-grandmother. which has symptoms of forgetfulness Dishes are simple, such as omelettes, and neighbors, including the nearby Wang Chik Temple, bring some food and necessities.

“After school, I will come back to take care of my great-grandmother. And cleaning the house, doing housework, which the dream of 2 of us is to become a doctor and a prosecutor. The important part is to want the house to have better living conditions. Because now the house, the roof of the house, including the roof structure began to collapse. It shouldn’t last much longer,” said Benjawan.

while Pho Prathap Chang Municipality By Mr. Nuttawut Jaidee, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Pho Prathapchang Subdistrict Municipality Visited to provide sustenance and relief items as first aid. along with surveying information to present to relevant agencies to find a budget for home repairs and scholarships according to government regulations which is not much in the neighboring villages I want you to help me improve the house to have a safe condition because both children start to grow up to be young women. Both are worried about the safety of both of them and the great-grandmother who is sick and old.

However, the great-grandmother and the two great-grandmothers still live their lives as they are. The three still take care of each other. with neighbors to help take care The philanthropists can make merit at the savings account Mrs. Lamduan Lomsetthi, BAAC Bank, Pho Prathapchang Branch, account number 020102055195.

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