SUT 2 ordered the inspection of riverbanks across the country. Dealing with heavy rain in the last 2 months

Mr. Songsak Thongsri, Deputy Minister of the Interior (MorTor.2) and his delegation visited the site to follow up on the progress of the riverbank protection dam project, Ban Hin Kong, Village No. 6, Ban Ton Subdistrict, Phra Yuen District, Khon Kaen Province. Ready to order the Department of Public Works Check river banks across the country Cope with heavy rain during September to October 2022, with Ms. Supatra Chaithevarun, Inspector General of the Department, Mr. Suwaphong Phunakphan, Director of the Office of Urban Planning Support and Development, Mr. Adirek Wattana Udomchai, Public Works and Town & Country Planning Department. Khon Kaen head of government Local government executives, community leaders and people welcomed.

Mr. Songsak revealed the trip to inspect the government in Khon Kaen Province today that listened to the problem needs of people in the area as well as follow up on the results of the construction of a dam to protect the banks of the Chi River, Ban Hin Kong Village, Village No. 6, Ban Ton Subdistrict, Phra Yuen District, Khon Kaen Province. to solve the problem of erosion and erosion of the river bank

In addition, the assessment of the water situation in late September until October There is a tendency to increase the amount of precipitation. which resulted in people in many areas Including the northeastern region was affected by the increase in water volume. has ordered the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning Conducting surveys to examine the condition of eroded riverbanks across the country and may be dangerous to the public To provide information in preparation and preparation of plans/projects for dam construction to protect banks to prevent erosion problems of river banks and reduce the loss of property of people, religious sites and government offices.

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