Baramee Kruba Chicken Protection against collapsed Buana lost The owner of one river weeps to redeem 1.3 million lives. Pity the slim – fresh news

Pity the slender elephant starving to redeem life in the middle of the pump. Baramee Kruba Chicken Phang Buana protection is safe. The owner of the elephant revealed tears. One river redeems 1.3 million lives and raises them to be strong. Believe in the prestige of Kruba Kai, the abbot to protect elephants

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From the case of Phra Kru Suwit Chinwaro or Kruba Kai, 29 years old, the abbot of Wat Pa Pathom Thewa Buraparam, Ban Pa Phu, Suan Mon Subdistrict, Mancha Khiri District, Khon Kaen Province, along with monks and novices. They set out in search of a 56-year-old elephant, Phang Buana, who fell from the chain that the mahout had tied to a neem tree. Then disappeared into the forest and still can’t find him according to the news that has already been presented.

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Progress in this matter. At 11:00 am on September 23, 2022, reporters visited the area to check. at Wat Pa Pathom Thewa Burapharam After finding that the elephant was broken, Buana had returned. When he reached the temple, he found Chao Phang Bua Na. Crouching down for Kruba Kai to ride on his back amid the joy of relatives who came to make merit at the temple. Then Kruba Kai rode the lotus flower and walked around the elephant shed. There are relatives who feed and pass the elephant’s stomach. Pang Buana had a cheerful attitude. and walked into the elephant shed friendly with mahouts to take care of them all the time

Phrakhru Suwit Chinwaro or Kruba Kai, the abbot of Wat Pa Pathom Thewa Burapharam, said that after breaking the bua Na was loosed from the chain that was tied. They went out to find them all day until dusk, but they could not find them until the last morning, so they gave the Thonglor mahout, a pair of merit elephants who were redeemed together. Looking for Pang Buana again until he met the owner of the banana plantation That is 1 km away from the temple, which the owner of the banana plantation said. Bua Na elephant eats a banana tree in the garden. The mahout then rode the Thonglor Plai to meet him. I really met Phang Buana. So they walked back to the temple safely.

“After the crash was found, Buana was relieved. because there are no wounds on the body or feet but worried about bloating Because of the fall from the chain into the forest, elephants may eat leaves that may be contaminated with pesticides or toxins, causing intestinal or diarrhoea, flatulence, so the grapple should be monitored for symptoms 24 hours a day to observe any abnormalities. If there is no abnormality, it is considered to be destroyed. It’s still safe and strong.”

Mr. Chinnawat, 32, a mahout who has been raising Pang Buana since he was young, said that Pang Buana is a calm, well-mannered elephant. It’s because the U lock is worn out and loosened. The Buena is broken, so it can come off the chain. At the point where the banana plantation was broken into the Buena to eat the banana tree Yesterday, I went to look for him but couldn’t find him. I believe that he couldn’t find him. It’s still the time when Buana wants to travel. According to the elephants who had fallen off the chains and were in the forest, they wandered about. But the Pua Buana was found near the temple. Pang Buana is going back the same way. to get to the point where I used to be chained But found a banana plantation, so I stopped to eat first and believed that the crashed Buana came back to the temple safely. because of the prestige of Kruba Kai

while Mrs. Son Mali-ngam, 59 years old, lives in Village No. 9, Pho Phala Subdistrict, Chumphon Buri District, Surin Province, the real owner of the elephant. have traveled to the temple After learning that Pang Buana disappeared, said that Pang Buana was raised with Plai Thonglor since childhood. Then he was brought to the Pattaya Elephant Camp until 2019, when the covid began to spread in Thailand, the elephant camp was closed, there was no elephant show in 2021, so he decided to bring the elephants to live at Ban Rai Temple, Dan Khun Thot District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. not long ago because there are no tourists Went to visit the temple in May 2021, so decided to move the elephants back to their home in Surin.

“I remember precisely that on May 19, 2021, while the elephant car was parked at the gas station. Found a river, walked to ask about the transfer of elephants. and told the river one in detail: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I don’t have enough income to support myself. Raising elephants again will bring the elephant back to the house One river asked to buy an elephant. Redeem the lives of elephants, both Phang Buana and Plai Thonglor for 1,300,000 baht and have a car to transport the elephants to Kruba Kai.At Wat Pa Pathom Thewa Buraparam, Ban Pa Phu, Suan Mon Sub-district, Manchakhiri District, Khon Kaen Province, he said yes because he felt pity for the elephants who were thin because they were starving and had no money to buy food for the elephants to eat. When everything that was discussed therefore hurriedly transported the elephant to the temple as ordered by the river Come send it to Kruba Kai. when he saw the area of ​​the temple surrounded by a complete forest I thought that the elephant wouldn’t starve to death. I feel at ease.”

Mrs. Son further said that Behind a river redeeming the lives of two elephants Come to the temple with Kruba Kai There will be a mahout to take care of at the temple. But when you know Bua Na fell off the chain and disappeared. He hurriedly traveled from his home in Surin to the temple. Arrived at the temple in the evening of yesterday. He quickly lighted the incense and told the forest prince. Praying for Kruba Kai to protect Bua Na back to the temple safely. The next morning, I heard the news from the mahout that Found Pang Buana have a healthy body as usual Therefore believe that the prestige of Kruba Kai Help protect Phang Buana to return to the temple safely

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