Keep the promise! A friend ordered it. Funeral. Let’s have fun. I hold back my tears. Dance in front of the coffin upon request

Keep the promise! A friend ordered it. Funeral. Let’s have fun. I hold back my tears. Dance in front of a friend’s coffin upon request. Netizens flock to encourage those who live to keep fighting.

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The online viral trend is sharing videos of Tik Tok users khxunn following a friend’s wrongful order. He did not want his own death to be filled with sadness, so he asked his friends to play fun songs at the funeral.

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The owner of the clip stated that “Is it fun? Go without worrying about anything.” Before his death a friend had said that “If I die, I want to have some fun.” While moving the body from the house to the temple, songs such as BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love, Girls’ Generation’s Run Devil Run, and other songs were played along with dancing.

picture from khxunn

The clip owner confirmed. reiterated that this friend was actually dead “Everything was done through the permission of parents, adult relatives. It was my mother who asked everyone to enjoy the last request and my mother told me to find songs that my friends liked. Come to open the funeral and not cry. I cried several days ago. When it was burned I just didn’t pick it up to take a picture.”

Since the story was shared, it has seen 2.8 million views of Tik Tok, cheering on the family, the clip’s owner, and other friends who helped keep the promises they made to their friends. “Behind the camera are tears. Everyone is very strong.” “You are a very good friend. Like this, everyone goes home and weeps.” “If your friends can recognize it. I would be happy to have friends send me with a smile.”

picture from khxunn

“This is the last request. Deep in my heart, I would be very saddened. They are very strong.” “To be honest, my friends are really good at keeping things up and have fun with friends as requested.” “I don’t know who you are, but I ask you to go with peace of mind.” “How hard must your heart be to smile?” “How tough do your friends have to be? It’s an encouragement for people to keep fighting.”

picture from khxunn

@khxunn Are you having fun? You don’t have to worry about anything ♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

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