(with a clip) Crash!! Turn on the emergency lights, sound the sirens, play, pretend to be rescue.

On September 22, 65, there was a Facebook person. “Posted a picture of a teenager Riding a motorcycle, turning on the emergency light (flashing light) and turning on the siren periodically. Driving across the province to Lamphun By turning on the emergency lights all the time. The good citizen drove the car from Chiang Mai to Lamphun, but did not see that there would be an accident. Or the patient is waiting for help in any way. Finally, park the car and inquire. Both teenagers claim to be rescuers. came to check on the patients on the way in Chiang Mai. Driving along, I didn’t see that there was a patient. Or there was an accident on the way at all and said that doing this caused his officers damage and trouble. Will people trust and give way in the future? Let’s do this. If there is a real accident, who will escape for you? Such teenagers don’t care.

After the clip was posted on Facebook, it appeared that there were many rescue workers. have entered the comm and scolding such teenagers As a result, many rescue units, rescue foundations have been damaged as well. Who will trust next? and make way for And if these are the rescuers To do this is not correct. I want a police officer Follow the group of people Claiming to be a rescue and setting up an emergency light on a motorcycle with a siren sound, come to prosecute because the law is clearly stated. on emergency lighting and the use of sirens Must request permission from the relevant authorities.

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