“Fresh Vegetables” Parade raises prices for the “Vegetarian” festival, where many provinces grow drowned.

23 Sept. 2022 reporter survey vegetable price in Sapsap Plaza Songkhla Fresh Market that startedprice increaseEspecially cilantro, celery and lettuce, with celery vegetables from 150 baht per kg to 200 baht, coriander is sold today at 200 baht per kg, and lettuce price from 80 baht to 100 baht per kg. Other vegetables also paraded in price hikes for almost all kinds of vegetables to welcome them. Vegetarian Festival which will start on September 26

The same goes for white cabbage from 30 – 35 baht per kg, up to 50 baht, and tomatoes 60 baht per kg due toflood Tomatoes delivered to them have almost all negative effects, from the price of 40 baht per kg up to 60 baht, while spring onions are still fixed at 120-130 baht per kg. Chinese morning glory, the price goes up and down today, 40 baht per kg. Cantonese vegetables, 40 baht per kg. Kale, reduced from 60 baht per kg to 40 baht.

At the same time, basil, which is not about the festival.fasting vegetarianalso haveprice increasetoo vegetablemany kindsprice increase due to vegetable growing areas in the central region, many provincesflood andraindue to weather conditions, the amountvegetablethat are sent to customers in other provinces are insufficient and declining and also tend toprice increasecontinuously duringVegetarian FestivalOn September 26, 2022, it is believed that the price of vegetables will increase even more.

seller sidevegetable inside Sapsap Plaza Songkhla Fresh Market revealed that at this timevegetableatraise the priceThere is also white cabbage, from 30 – 35 baht per kg, it increases to 50 baht, and tomatoes 60 baht per kg becauseflood Tomatoes from 40 baht per kg to 60 baht.

As for coriander, 200 baht per kg. Not yet.price increase celery The price has been adjusted to 200 baht per kg, from 150 baht to 200 baht. Spring onions are still fixed at 120-130 baht per kg. Chinese morning glory is 40 baht per kg. Cantonese vegetables 40 baht per kg. Kale is reduced. Down from 60 baht per kg to 40 baht.

However, for the near Vegetarian Festival pricevegetable will move up again because the source of cultivationflood The source informed thatflood The peppers that were delivered were all rotten. Broccoli and Cauliflower It is going to increase the price accordingly.

concluded that duringVegetarian Festival to arrive during the week pricevegetablewill still increase the price of bitter gourd, morning glory, and mustard greens will also increase the price, which isVegetarian Vegetablesto be used regularly duringVegetarian Festivalevery year

Santiphap Ramsut, Nation correspondent, Songkhla province

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