XRP Price Hits 40% In One Day After Ripple Looks Likely To Win Lawsuit Against SEC

Notably, Ripple’s XRP has increased in value by as much as 40% in the past two days, from $0.39 peaking at $0.55.

As for the reasons behind the drastic price surge, it is unclear exactly why. But it would be inevitable in the matter of the court case that Ripple and the SEC are in dispute. However, looking at the signs now, it looks like Ripple is trending and there is a lot of investor speculation that Ripple will win this case.

This may be the main reason for XRP’s massive spike in the price over the past two days. After a massive price surge, XRP has been placed in the top 100 best coins on CoinMakretCap in the last 24 hours.

However, XRP has now fallen from its 24-hour high, at the time of writing of $0.49, down from $0.55 around 10%.

“Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are high risk. You may lose your entire investment. Please study and invest appropriately with acceptable risk level.”

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