The forex angel “Eye Warapairin” opens her mouth to fear the mafia of the dark. Threatened for 3 years

The forex angel “Eye Warapairin” opens her mouth to fear the mafia of the dark. Threatened for 3 years

Revealed from the mouth of a young actress, Eye Warapairin Thanawarisphon, or Eye Songkram, a beauty queen that now many people refer to her as a forex angel. Because she is the only female victim who dares to demand justice for herself and tens of thousands of other victims. Until the people around the team have been threatened by the dark mafia billions of billions over the past 3 years. Discussed admits that there are concerns as well. because he was worried about the people around him who came about this matter.

“The team and the people around us have always been intimidated. Since Eye, P. Kendo, Attorney Ronon and the victims have filed a complaint at DSI.
Some people call and ask to stop. As you know, there are tens of thousands of victims. tens of millions of money How many people who have benefited from this money and who are they?
The chance that he will be angry with us, it has a high chance. as if we were to offend his interests. Some may be confiscated. Therefore, it is not surprising that people around you will be intimidated. Everyone was silent and embarrassed to speak because embarrassed was the hope of the victims now.

In the past, I wasn’t afraid, I had fire because I believed that I was doing the right thing. I don’t want to hurt anyone It all depends on the judicial process.
Now the people around us are worried about us a lot.
because it has foreclosure And many celebrities are late as victims, but what can you do? We have progressed to this point. It must continue to fight. because the case has not yet come to an end

many days ago The media tried to contact the interviewer about what we would do next. Aye would like to make an appointment for a press conference this Monday, September 26, 65, Grande Center Point Hotel Thonglor, Thonglor Room 1, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

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