“Yad Thip” revealed that he wrote a letter to “Pinky”, but the friend did not answer. Lean husband has nothing to do with Forex-3D : PPTVHD36

“Pinky-Mom” falls into prison in FOREX sharing case

Reverse FOREX-3D “How to invest – Apply for a joint investment – Investment style”

Another person who was affected by the hot issue Forex-3D for a young heroine. “Yadthip Ratchapal” After her husband’s hotel and real estate business is also famous. After buying a luxury condo from one of the accused of the Forex-3D case until having to come out and explain that there is no involvement

“Yad Thip” is stressed, has been linked to the case of “Pinky” cleared, has no involvement

Recently, “Yad Thip” has come out to open up through the show. to such a story including the story of a close friend “Pinky – Savika Chaiyadej” who were deposited in the prison in such cases which the actress said

“Before, I didn’t leave work and didn’t go anywhere. Because it’s sensitive in many of us too. So we don’t want to say much. Pinkie is a very close friend.”

talk to When was “Pinky” the last time before going to prison?

“One day before, he was still normal. Well, lately we’ve been doing YouTube shows together. In the last 3-4 months, we’ve seen each other quite often. Because we had to make appointments to talk about work, editing, filming, many things, it turned out that we talked for a week and many days. Because we do YouTube together. We just made a few tapes ourselves. This happened. The night before Kiki was sent off, we were still discussing work. about our YouTube.”

When there was news that he was sent to Now the stream is quite a question. A lot of “drops”?

“Yad knows with everyone. Yad learned from the news that night, along with everyone. When I heard it, I was shocked. can’t say anything And one more thing, the feeling was overwhelming, a lot, a lot. At that time, it was This is the answer as a friend first. is from the news or about the offenses or lawsuits Yad understood that. But this one will be answered in the feelings of those who are friends first. because we are lost And we don’t know what happened. Yad can only inquire from people close to him. There will be “Pee Tae” (Pinky’s caretaker) and another Ki’s manager. which no one knows We didn’t know what was going to happen next. At that time, we knew everything through the news like everyone else.”

After “Pinky” goes to prison Have you had a chance to contact?

“From that day until today, Yad has only been writing a letter. send to where he is But it’s an online letter. It’s a prison system. I keep writing, but I still haven’t answered. Until today I still haven’t answered. It’s the correct system. We will be able to write and send it. (Write to the center?) Yes, that’s all you can do.”

“Pinky” is not ready for anyone to meet?

“Yes, probably so. It’s been a month now But Yad still doesn’t know anything else.”

had the opportunity to talk to the people who visited How about “pinky”?

“I have a chance to talk. So please don’t answer. I mean, I don’t even have a name to visit. That way, he will give someone a visit. not great or anything like this Or is he ready to answer the letter or he is not ready? So Yad didn’t want to speak for him. We can’t walk in by ourselves. Must be the person he gave to be great.”

There was a point of discussion that linked to her husband. “Yad” that “Pinky” is the one who finds it for you?

“I heard it. Let me answer here. There is a trend. There’s a lot of information out there that isn’t true. Not true enough But it’s a total distortion. Some things are not even grounded, namely Yad and “Phi Mek” know each other through our close friends. which is a group that we meet almost every week It’s not about Kiki at all. He is a friend of P’ Mek and a friend of Yad. friends outside the circle not recommended Since we have been together with P’ Mek for about 4 years, P’ Mek has met Mek no more than 2-3 times, and then what I saw was a birthday party where a large group of friends came. he hardly knew haven’t met Because when the sun meets with Ki, they meet outside. Let’s talk about work. That’s it. In fact, I have been close with Kie since childhood. But there will be intervals because we are in different channels, but we will meet at the event. that we are the same gen but not a private hangout Until when he got divorced, he returned to work. And his house and condo Yad it is not far from each other. He would call about where to go, what to do, and we would tell if we could meet up so that we wouldn’t be lonely, so we started getting close. But the YouTube show has just begun to work together in 3 EPs.”

Asked about her husband’s condo. “Yad” belonged to “Apirak” before.?

“Yes, it belonged to Apirak before. This is correct But the rest of the information that is not correct is a lot. One has to explain that this condo was bought by “Pe Mek” before a person named Apirak was arrested and prosecuted. is when to buy We find a condo that is bigger. We looked at the location and looked at 3-4 places. There was a broker to offer us. And then there’s this room. We went to see it, but in the end we liked it. because of its location Brother Mek, he went to the condo and had a broker go.

I must say that Yad and Apirak Born to never meet him never known personally never talk to him I’ve never met him in my life. I just found out when he was in the news. As for Mek, he had never known Apirak before. they are not friends he never met Until P’ Mek bought this condo and was able to go in and have a look. Found this person who owns it. Mek is the one who met not found Seen through it like he opened the room to see Everything is viewed and traded through a broker. and then after that, they met again only at the Land Department is the date of room transfer That’s all.”

Have you come across any impactful news?

“The news is very strong, it’s not, it’s not. And it affects many things. Just like the trick explained Husband did not know him personally. And confirm here that we bought We buy legally everything. And we have proof that everything is verifiable. and how long we buy At that time we bought The owner of the old room is also a person who works legally. We didn’t know that a day had passed. The house we will buy One day, this owner was hit with a fraud case. Then it turned out to be a link to whether we buy thieves or not. Or are we a nominee? which it is not It’s not at all.

It has an impact. It affects a lot. One is the mental state. Because it comes in many waves, many stories, the second is affecting the child because some pages, some offices, some news headlines He made his headline by taking a picture of Yad’s children, a picture of his husband, a picture of his child, and put it on the headline in the picture. and then use the words we are nominees or we are offenders in forex cases which Yad felt that these news had been around for a long time Then again, Luk Yat is a child. It will affect him in the long run, his name, his page, it will be with this news. By whether our family is the perpetrator or not, we really didn’t do it.”

Condos forbidden to sell?

“Yes, now I have to be honest that we have clarified The discussions or main documents we have are correct. But legally, he was, as the news came out, that he had frozen. but we are forbidden to sell it to other people here Husband Yad can’t be sold to anyone else at this point, but we’re right until the process or anything is finished or over. Yad wouldn’t feel this serious or stressful. But now we are very stressed. It’s about family. When one day we have a family and children, we feel that it affects a lot. With the husband when the news came out, at first he was confused. How it came to be connected to him The first day was confused, the second day, the news became more and more heavy until the confusion turned to stress. He had never seen such a name in the news.”

What do you want to tell everyone??

“As I said before, I really didn’t want to come out and say anything. As said, there are two. One, it is also the mental feeling of friendship. Second, it’s about a variety of lawsuits, where we understand the legal process. And we also sympathize with the victims. Third, it is about our family.

But today I have to speak out because it affects our family very hard. Some people may not read all the news. He might just read the headline. Then Yad felt that it had a long-term effect on his family and children. therefore had to come out and clarify And I would like to confirm here that our family has nothing to do with the 3D forex case and the condo that we bought and live in, we do it legally before the owner has a fraud case out. come We assure you that we are innocent.”

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