Drunk driving. Worker’s shuttle bus runs through a red light, crashes into a motorcycle, 2 dead, 2 injured

Expect drunk and drive Construction worker shuttles go through red lights, collide with 2 motorcycles, 2 dead, 2 injured Claim the brakes are broken. but the smell of booze

drunk driving incident Breaking through a red light, colliding with a motorcycle, fatalities It happened this morning (Sept. 21, 65), Pol Col Traiphop Tanjapatkul, Deputy Senator (Investigation), Thonglor Police Station, received a report of a car accident that killed and injured many people. Around Soi Sukhumvit 39 (Promsri Intersection 1), Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok, the driver may be drunk and drive through a red light. Therefore, he went to check with the traffic and suppression officers at Thonglor Police Station, forensic doctors, Chulalongkorn Hospital. and Volunteers of the Ruam Kuayyu Foundation

At the scene, a six-wheeled truck was found. Modified minibuses to pick up and deliver construction workers, blue color, registration number 10-1763, Samut Sakhon, with about 50 workers sitting on the bus. The left headlight of the car has been damaged. Parked against the trees along the wall in the alley. At the bottom of the front six-wheel truck Have a motorcycle, registration number 2 Kor 1156, Bangkok. The condition was demolished. The scene killed 2 people, a man and a 5-year-old girl, and two others were injured. Driving and riding on a black-red motorcycle, registration number 9 km 6464 Bangkok. Know the name of the driver of the truck that is believed to have drunk driving is Mr. Pongkon (reserves his last name). Smells of liquor from the said driver. therefore causing dissatisfaction Before the lynching and chaos The police had to urgently remove Mr. Pongkon from the scene. then taken to the hospital

Pol Col Duangchot Suwancharat, the Thonglor Police Superintendent, said that as soon as he was notified of a drunk-driving incident, Authorities controlled the situation and brought the truck driver in front of the deceased’s relatives. But initially, it was not found that the amount of alcohol exceeded the legal limit. Therefore, the sender was sent to detect additional drugs. which is currently awaiting the results of the drug test in the body

However, the investigation revealed that The perpetrator drove from the Rama 9 area to pick up workers in the area. At the intersection of the red light at the scene of the accident The driver suspected by the villagers was drunk driving. Claims that the car has broken brakes. Causing to crash into the motorcycle of the deceased parked at a red light in front Until causing such injuries and deaths. Initially, the police coordinated with experts to inspect the truck whether the brakes really broke or not. before proceeding with the steps of the law


While Mr. Yuthapong Phowan, 38, driving a motorcycle taxi near the scene of the drunk-driving accident, said that at around 07:30, the motorcycle at the scene of the accident was a yellow light. By driving and stacking up to three people, an grandfather, grandmother and five-year-old granddaughter, by a truck worker suspected to be drunk driving. Driving without brake at all before crashing, which the driver said the car had broken But actually not at all. he drunk and drives because of the smell of booze Until making eyes and grandchildren life at the scene the injured grandmother feel sad about the incident Drunk Driving Drivers who are drunk should not drive. would rather sleep at home Because it happened, there were people who suffered and lost. Also, in the alley should not drive fast.


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