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I don’t know what to get excited about first for the series’ blitzkrieg on air. ‘Maid’s Revenge’ or in the Thai name ‘Revenge of Ms. or the awakening from the death of ‘Worm Review’ But because today’s main issue is this series, we come back with a bang with a Chinese series that is gaining interest on a popular platform like TikTok Because in addition to having people cut the sample clip out and get a lot of attention, it is alsoLove-drama series I repeat that I really love drama, it’s not a scary movie on the cover, in any way that many Chinese fans have pinned and waited today. Let’s stick to the edge of the screen.

It all started with the Dong Family of Jiang Chen City being assassinated by the entire clan, no one survived, only young lady.Dong Ting Yao (heroine) The only remaining survivor of the family was that she had to flee to her fiancée for help, but everything turned out to be not the way she thought because upon arrival, she found someone impersonating her already. She had no choice but to live in her fiance’s house as a maid. Fang Tianyi (hero) She plans to take revenge by all means, but the one thing she still doesn’t know is the hidden secret of the real killer who was involved in the death of her family is her fiancé.

Miss Dong Ting Yao

Fang Tianyi played by Tai Gao Zheng

A young general who has to be involved in the slaughter of the entire family, he is impatient, ruthless and likes to use force to solve problems. Everyone said he was scary and never waited to think of saving someone’s life. Even Young Lady Dong Ting Yao himself didn’t pay attention to him, his snobby and smart read everything in time, causing him and Dong Tingyao to have an unbearable confrontation.

Dong Ting Yao played by Chen Fang Tong

The only daughter and heir of the Dong family of Jiang Chen City. In fact, she was bright, optimistic, and never thought of any evil, but since the slaughter of the entire family, she has become paranoid and distrustful of anyone. Since moving closer to General Fang Tianyi, who she thought was behind the scenes, she had an affair with him every time she saw him.

Chen Fang TongFang Yuze played by Wei Tianhao

Dong Ting Yao’s young fiancée was polite, calm, and took care of her since entering the house. Even as a servant, he was very affectionate to her. But the secret that kept him here was that he was involved in the success of the Tong Family’s assassination plan.

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  • storyWhat will happen next, the conclusion of the love of both readers must find it now because I can tell you that it is very exciting because now it has just been released to watch 2 episodes in youkuthailand Normal type, but if anyone can’t stand it, they can apply for membership to Pu Sua and wait for Thai subtitles.

The drama of ten peppers can be started now.!

  • Title : Maid’s Revenge
  • Category : Romance, Drama, Retro
  • starring :Chen Fang Tong / Dai Gao Zheng
  • broadcast : Youku TH Monday – Friday
  • Number of episodes: 30 episodes / Thai subtitles

Series trailer: Maid’s Revenge

For anyone who wants to start the drama of ten peppers now, you can click on the link below. For those who want to see the review from the worm first, scroll down to the end. Review of the worm is waiting. Postpone!!!

Worm Review Ep1-2 – Maid’s Revenge

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  • start the plot – Opened, there is drama since the first EP, so brutal. Mother likes the fact that the first plot is not that unique. I secretly look monotonous (but), it turns out that the series This story didn’t emerge as itself from the beginning, but when I started watching it, it gradually started to come out even though at first it seemed like it was just love-drama-revenge, but it actually hides a lot. Investigation also has an era-scented scent. 70-80 Chinese civilization ended in that era, plus the realism that the series revealed a lot, not just one angle, very interesting, considered to expose the retro series very well.
  • Cas part – one more main The main reason that the worm got hit is the cast. If skipping other plot stories, it is called this reason first, because in the previous example, the sissy has a very strong chemistry of the Queen. That being hit here must have seen a light love scene.(repeat soft)have been together In addition to giving birth to a new partner, it also gives birth to a new boyfriend.(Sorry girls) Which many people may not have seen Phra-Nang through their eyes much in the line of the series, so called as a new actor who has not a lot of work, but people will be bang, it’s the character of this story Many of the characters are not round, look like real human beings that can express their needs, emotions, and feelings in the form of characters that are not boring, which Keep Khong can feel more suitable for the era than other stories. Mitt and be yourself.
  • visual color light With this Chinese series going back to the 70s a bit, the theme of the filter is focused on not being bright, or simply called Make up No makeup How do you put a filter to make it look like you’re not wearing it? The picture color is stable, not sweet, fresh, for the series line who does not like the tone of the picture, too sweet or too bright, should be low, similar to the half-series feel, with natural tone control, but still not out of The Chinese series framework is called Inter.
  • heart touching scene Spoiler alert for those who haven’t started watching because just ep 1-2 Come a little, but there is a heavy heart. This scene is the scene where Phra-Nang meet for the second time. The heroine invades the hero’s bedroom with the first meeting, having a very bad experience. The heroine sees the hero, whenever there is a fuss, there will be a fight every time when people come to see both of them in the same room only. The lead actor carried him down to the bed and covered him with a blanket. Worm felt that it was a quick and sudden scene, but because both of their body language didn’t have to say much, they twisted and twisted again. So whoever is in doubt, go look for it.
  • final drug label This story is another story that the worm has seen through the chemistry of Phra Nang, the hotness of the heroine, so he can’t wait to come and make a review, recommending it to everyone. You really don’t have to come. For anyone who likes the genre of jealousy, drama, slapping and kissing like in the past Thai dramas, this is because in addition to the drama that has been discussed above, this love scene is not normal, can’t be hot. Can’t wait. Let’s go. Let’s continue!

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Come back as promised. At least I’ve come back with another gall series like being ripped off my soul. Because after a busy day today, it’s time to take a break and come back to add positive energy to yourself and everyone with the new series. The same recommendation is to go and hit it, don’t miss it, because if you don’t go to the episode This is to miss in realtime 100%. So let’s go!

today’s part ‘worm’ Let’s finish the review and see you in the next article.

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