Yamaha Aerox 2023, starting price 72500 baht, automatic motorcycle 155 cc.


Yamaha Aerox 2023, a sporty automatic motorcycle Engine size 155 cc. Available in 2 sub-models between Standard and ABS. There are 4 types of color schemes, starting price 72,500 baht.

Yamaha Aerox 2023

Yamaha Aerox 2023 (Yamaha Aerox 2023) Sporty automatic motorcycle Emphasis on riding comfort and use in the city. Especially when running long runs or doing time. The 25-litre underseat storage can fit a full-face helmet. With convenient features such as the Y-Connect connection system, Smart Key, including a smartphone charger, etc., divided into 2 models without ABS and with ABS, there are 4 types of color schemes

Yamaha Aerox 2023 exterior design

Yamaha Aerox 2023 uses LED dual-lamp headlights with daytime running lights. Front fairing – sporty design side The back of the fairing design is a built-in handle with LED taillights, while the meter is a digital blue background. With Y-Connect connection system, call notification. can enter or check the status of the car through a smartphone Start the car by just carrying the key with Smart Key (only ABS models) and there is a charging port with a cover. The storage box under the seat is 25 liters and can hold a full face helmet. while the front suspension is telescopic Rear double shock absorber swing unit But the double shock absorber with sub-tank is only available in the ABS version, the front disc brake system – rear drum. Front ABS anti-lock system is available for ABS models.

Yamaha Aerox 2023
Yamaha Aerox 2023
Yamaha Aerox 2023
Yamaha Aerox 2023

Yamaha Aerox 2023 engine and performance

Yamaha Aerox 2022 is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, actual capacity 155 cc., SOHC, 4 valves, cooled by liquid. Power is transmitted through a V-Belt automatic transmission with a 5.5-liter fuel tank capacity that supports gasohol up to E20.

How many colors are available for Yamaha Aerox 2023?

Yamaha Aerox 2023 is available in 4 color schemes, divided into Standard 2 color schemes and ABS 2 color schemes:

Standard version

Yamaha Aerox 2023

• Gray-Black Neon Gray

Yamaha Aerox 2023

• White-Red Sporty White

ABS version

Yamaha Aerox 2023

• Purple-Black Deep Purple

Yamaha Aerox 2023

• Gray-Blue Dark Blue

Yamaha Aerox 2023 selling price

Yamaha Aerox 2023 is divided into 2 sub-models, the price is as follows

  • Yamaha Aerox 2023 Standard model price 72,500 baht

  • Yamaha Aerox 2023 model ABS price 83,500 baht

Yamaha Aerox 2023 installment schedule – down payment

Yamaha Aerox 2023

Approximate installment calculation data excluding interest Please ask the dealer for details on campaign conditions and interest rates again.

Compare Yamaha Aerox 2023 with other models.

For motorcycles, automatic models that are interesting and newly launched are similar to Yamaha Aerox 2023 is Honda Click 160 2023 which is a sporty automatic Which uses an engine with an actual capacity of 157 cc and has ABS models to choose from, starting price 63,500 baht

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