Mind wields great wood to fight!!! Win the heart of the mother-in-law, Tong Neng, Rudklao in Nang Nak Sa-in-law Phra Khanong (EP.6)

Intense in every EP. Both emotional parts, romantic love, drama parts, and funny parts with Workpoint drama, teen style, period, romantic, drama & comedy “Nang Nak Sa-in-Wai Phra Khanong” of Channel Work. point that spelled the audience to watch the screen with the whole family all the time, 5 EP.

In this EP.6… when Pee Mak (Kao Jirayu Laongmanee) came home after the end of the Sri Phra Khanong Lady Contest, she did not see Naga (Mind-Athitaya Tribudarak or Mind 4EVE) at home. already… Because after losing the competition, Mae Muean (Tong Neng-Radklao Amratit) immediately kicked Nak out of the house to collect things. This work therefore caused a lot of quarrels with my mother, like it was very hard!!! came out to look for Naga and made a promise to each other that… both will love each other Even death cannot part. The two are ready to overcome obstacles in this love together again.

But Nak and Mak will be able to use love to fight with the pride in the heart of Mother Like or not?? Or how will Naga find a way to win the heart of her mother-in-law?? Must follow each other in “Mrs. Nak Sa-in Phra Khanong” Wednesday, January 25th, happy time, happy time, family time at 1:00 PM on Workpoint Channel 23.

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