Lipta dreamed of Jeanius working with the most delighted artist in the single. “About her cuteness”

The 5th single was released for Jeanius (Genius) – Nova Makuglia under the Kicks Records label (Kicks Records) of 2 young Lipta, in this new single. Come out in the form of a love song, comfortable listening, meaning plus the name “About her cuteness”, with this song also working with an artist that Genius has been waiting for a long time, themoonwillalwaysbewithme. The owner of the hit song “Zulupaka Tapa Hey”, which this special collaboration Genius told me that

“As for “Ai about her cuteness,” Ji had the opportunity to work with Pee Toey. themoonwillalwaysbewithme This is a very special song that is the first song in my life that I haven’t written myself. So G shared his own story with Pee Toey instead. At that time, Ji told Pee Toey that G is having the feeling that I want to meet someone every day because he is the only person who makes our boring world brighter. So it should come out as the main key message of this song. Like the part that says “Although life during this time is not very good. But there are also good things In this world, you exist, ”which Pee Toey has composed that is very pleasing to G. On G and Pee Tan, Pee Katto didn’t solve anything at all. Because I want him to work fully and then we can try something new as well, which G likes very much. because we are already fans of his music When working with him, I feel honored. The response after the release was also quite good.

As for the music video Genius participated by filming himself. Keep various footage from a trip back to visit family A view of the bright beauty that Genius wants to present. You can now watch it on Kicks Records YouTube and listen to this song on all music streaming channels.


#A story about her cuteness


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