Chiang Rai Road crash, 2 seriously injured

The passenger van was hit by a solid pickup truck and jumped off the road. Before being repeatedly crushed by a pickup truck, 2 people were seriously injured.

At 1:00 p.m. on January 24, 2023, the Sawang Wiang Pao Thammasathan Foundation received a report of a pickup truck colliding with a passenger van There were seriously injured people in the area of ​​Tha Kor Sub-district, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai Province, so volunteers and equipment were brought in to join the mission with the Saeng Kaew Phothiyan Rescue Unit. and the Southern Amarin Rescue Association responding to disasters

The scene was on Highway No. 118, Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai. Inbound to Chiang Rai When he arrived, he found an 11-seat passenger van, Toyota Hi-H brand, silver bronze, registered Trang, with traces of being hit on the right side and at the back of the car. The car flew off the road and landed next to the grass on the side of the road. Two people were injured trapped inside the car. The first was a 43-year-old woman with a torn right shoulder wound, a distorted right arm. Sawang Wiang Pa Pao Foundation perform first aid Before the Saeng Kaew Phothiyan Rescue Unit took him to Mae Suai Hospital, and the other was a 58-year-old woman with a tear wound on the right shoulder, right arm deformed, difficulty breathing, pale body, with symptoms of lethargy, Wiang Pa Pao ambulance took him for treatment.

And near each other also found a Toyota pickup truck. The rear side was modified to be a solid storage box, registered in Chiang Mai, the front of the car turned to Chiang Mai Province, the condition of the left rear wheel falling off. There was a long scuff mark on the road across from the other side of the road. And at the back of the van, there is a golden bronze Toyota pick-up truck with Chiang Mai registration. There was a crash mark in front of the car. Parked on the side of the road facing Chiang Rai Province, both 2 pickup trucks did not have any injuries.

From the preliminary inquiry, it is known that A passenger van with a total of 8 tourists and drivers traveled from Trang Province with the aim of traveling to Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai Province, using the Mae Suai-Fang route. But when driving past the Tha Koma checkpoint for about 200 meters, there was a solid van driving from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai. But the car crossed the lane and collided with the van. until the van lost control and jumped out of the lane to the left Before the pickup truck that ran behind the van came Can’t brake in time Crashed into the back of the van. until the van jumped off the road and landed next to the grass on the side of the road and there were those injured

Police officers at Mae Suai Police Station will examine the evidence. to find out the exact cause of the accident And continue to follow the steps of the law

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