Wednesday’s Percy Hynes White accused of cheating on young girls

Percy Hynes White Percy Hynes White, the rising star who played Xavier from the famous series Wednesday, was exposed in a large set of deceiving – deceiving young girls. Sending pornographic pictures to minors, the most scandalous!

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It can be called shocking news in the industry. Recently (January 19, 2023) it was reported that Percy Hynes White (Percy Hynes White), a 21-year-old actor who is famous for his role as Xavier in C. Netflix’s Wednesday series accused of sexual harassment and more

Percy Hynes White

Photo from Instagram percy

– The report states that On Twitter, someone came out to expose Percy Highness White about his past behavior. When he was in high school, he was 17-20 years old.

– Story started by a Twitter user. Claiming that White’s friends had thrown a party, inviting girls they thought were hot. in which they will be filled with liquor and drugs Get them drunk enough to have sex with them.

– The girl claimed that White molested her at a party. when she was very drunk He also said he was charged with rape. but did not specify who the accusers were.

– The girl said that White also pressured and attacked many of her friends. They even shared their nude photos online without the woman’s consent.

– This Twitter user also unfolded many scandalous stories of young actors There is also information that he used to send pornographic pictures of himself to groups with minors.

– It is revealed that young actors have sex with minors. is a young woman who has not reached the age of majority And there is also the point that he has a Twitter pit for commenting inappropriately.

– The accusation later went viral under the cancelpercy tag on Twitter, before others continued to expose the young actor.

– One Twitter user claims He let her be raped in his basement. when he talked to her about it What he’s worried about is the police. It’s not about whether she’s okay or not.

– Another Twitter user said the partying story is real. And his ex-girlfriend had said this before. “I grew up with him and many of my friends and girlfriends told me about the horrible things they did to them.”

– The latest on the young actor’s Instagram. Comments on posts have been closed. While many people are waiting for the young actor and the agency come out to clarify this matter without being convinced that what someone unfolds is true or not and how

Percy Hynes White

Photo from Instagram percy

Percy Hynes White

Photo from Instagram percy

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