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Introducing “FUJIFILM X100VI,” the only compact digital camera with an outstanding design | RYT9

Introducing “FUJIFILM X100VI,” the only compact digital camera with an outstanding design | RYT9
Introducing “FUJIFILM X100VI,” the only compact digital camera with an outstanding design | RYT9

The X100VI is packed with the latest sensors and image processing systems from Fujifilm. Create a new phenomenon too. First in-camera image stabilization in the X100VI family

Fujifilm (Thailand) Company Limited announces the launch of FUJIFILM And what is indispensable is the creation of images in the beautiful color tones typical of Fujifilm. By date and time of release Please follow the Facebook page: Fujifilm

In 2011, Fujifilm launched the FUJIFILM The minimalist, cool design is easy to use and provides high quality images and beautiful, unique colors.

The X100VI is the sixth camera from the X100 series that maintains its famously cool design and compact size. The new camera comes with a new 40.2 megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor. and the high-speed image processing engine X-Processor 5, which delivers high-quality images with outstanding performance. Additionally, for the first time in the X100 series, the X100 series comes with the most newly developed in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system. 6 stops, the machine is still compact and lightweight. This allows users to still have fun shooting in a variety of environments and situations.

The X100VI is an eye-catching digital camera with a unique design that is unlike any other in the industry. Ready to impress with powerful features. Delivering beautiful, outstanding images Can be used by a wide range of users, from professional photographers to creatives. With eye-catching beauty and functions that answer your needs. This camera is sure to impress photographers of all genres.

Fujifilm is also giving a special surprise for the company’s 90th anniversary in 2024 by releasing a limited edition X100VI.
Limited edition of 1,934 pieces worldwide, all individually numbered. It comes with an exclusive box and a specially patterned camera strap, Soft Release shutter button and history card. The camera is also engraved with the Fujifilm logo from 1934, when the company was founded. With every serial number engraved.

Product features

  • X-Trans(TM) CMOS 5 HR and X-Processor 5 deliver outstanding image quality and advanced performance.

The X100VI has a back-illuminated X-Trans(TM) CMOS 5 HR sensor. It has a resolution of approximately 40.2 megapixels. The sensor has a high quality pixel structure. Capable of capturing more light than previous X100 series cameras, it can also adjust to ISO 125, which was only an option on the X100V, but is now available on the X100VI body when used with the 23mmF2.0 lens. Featuring the ability to separate higher resolution sensors, the X100VI is able to deliver sharp, high-resolution images.

The X100VI comes with a total of 20 Film Simulation modes, including the newest “REALA ACE” Film Simulation, a new type of Film Simulation that produces the most lifelike colors in the Negative Film tone, suitable for shooting a variety of subjects and situations.

The X100VI uses an intelligently processed autofocus system. This helps keep the subject in precise focus even when the subject is continuously moving. The X100VI also uses the X-Processor 5’s Object Detection AF system to accurately track the subject’s range. Developed using Deep Learning AI technology that can detect animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects and drones.

  • Enhanced performance to expand the scope of photography

The X100VI is the first camera in the X100 series to feature up to 6.0 stops of 5-axis in-body image stabilization. This new system makes the camera slightly larger than previous X100 series models. But it still provides excellent mobility as always.

The “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder” function allows users to freely switch between the optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). Based on the rangefinder photography style. A highlight of the X100 series, the EVF viewfinder is equipped with a high-resolution OLED screen with approximately 3.69 megapixels, enhancing the excellent shooting experience.

The “Electronic Range Finder” (ERF) function simultaneously displays a small EVF within the OVF, allowing the photographer to see the subject through the OVF and magnifying the in-focus area in the EVF, increasing the viewfinder’s capabilities. ERF makes taking snapshots and more convenient.

The X100VI camera is the first model in the X100 series to be able to record 6.2K/30P video and is equipped with object detection AF function during video recording to enhance the creation of high-quality content.

The X100VI supports connection to the Camera to Cloud platform without the need for additional accessories. Users can wirelessly connect to the system and automatically upload photos and videos immediately after taking them. finish This greatly shortens the workflow from shooting to editing.

  • Product design that stands out in both beauty and function.

Like its predecessor, the X100V, the X100VI uses aluminum on the top and bottom surfaces of the camera. The surfaces are finely polished to create a smooth surface. This is complemented by the use of anodized aluminum on the surface to give it a premium look.

The X100VI has an ultra-thin tilting LCD monitor. Can be adjusted horizontally completely. Which takes the design from the X100V model. This comprehensive design allows for shooting in a variety of styles. From high angles to low angles It’s also responsive and easy to use, making the X100VI a great camera both in function and beauty.

The shape of the handle has been finely tuned for ease of use. The location of the buttons on the back of the X100VI camera has been moved to a position that is easier to press with the right hand. This makes it convenient to take pictures while looking through the viewfinder.

  • A wide range of accessories expands your photography horizons.

The X100VI is weatherproof when equipped with accessories. By using the AR-X100 adapter ring and PRF-49 protective filter with the X100VI lens, users can shoot in challenging weather conditions and
Peace of mind when the weather is not as expected.

Fujifilm’s LH-X100 lens hood (sold separately) is also compatible with the X100VI. It is lightweight and made from metal. The hood is also cleverly designed with a slit. so as not to obstruct your vision while looking through the viewfinder Thus effectively protecting against light.

Two additional lenses can also be attached, giving users the option of additional focus distance without compromising the X100VI’s image quality.

  1. Wide-angle conversion lens (WCL-X100 II)
    • The WCL-X100 II is a wide-angle conversion lens that multiplies the fixed focus distance by approximately 0.8x to 28mm (35mm format equivalent).
  2. Tele conversion lens (TCL-X100 II)
    • The TCL-X100 II is a telephoto conversion lens for narrowing the field of view by multiplying the fixed focus distance by approximately 1.4x to 50mm (35mm format equivalent).

Price and availability

Fujifilm Thailand launches the X100VI at a price of 59,990 baht, available in black and silver. Details for the release date and time will be announced later on the Facebook page: Fujifilm

Follow the latest news about Fujifilm cameras on the Facebook page “Fujifilm

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