Leaked photos of the iPhone 16 Pro battery have a capacity of 3355mAh, an increase of 2.5% from before, along with using metal materials for better heat dissipation!


The first images of the iPhone 16 Pro parts have come out for us to see. This is the part of the battery that has changed in both capacity and structure that has been developed to be better than before.

Leaker Kosutami has revealed images of the battery of the iPhone 16 Pro, which is said to be a prototype with a capacity of 3355mAh, which is only 2.5% more than the iPhone 15 Pro, which uses 3274mAh, but there are changes in the connection cable and materials.

The material in the iPhone 16 Pro battery will be changed to metal, replacing the black foil used on all previous iPhone models. The change to metal will help with better heat conduction. up without affecting weight and use in any way

Changing to a metal model is not unusual because since the Apple Watch Series 7, 40mm model, it has started to use this type of battery. Previously, the Apple Watch used black foil as well.

Images of new (left) and old (right) Apple Watch batteries (from iFixit)

This prototype battery for the iPhone 16 Pro confirms rumors that the iPhone 16 series will come with a new cooling system to prevent overheating. Including the need to see whether the new iPhone model will use Graphene to help or not.

Source: MacRumors, https://twitter.com/KosutamiSan/status/1726430084838617152

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