“Tan Chitphat” volunteered to hold the flag to lead the army of disabled athletes. Set a resolution to carry on with the intention of the father “Jutinan”

“Thai Paralympics” prepares to discuss Sept. 26, electing a chairman to replace the deceased “Jutinan”. Set a resolution to carry on with the intention of the father.

On September 23, 65, after the death of Mr. Jutinan Bhirombhakdi, Chairman of the Paralympic Sports Committee of Thailand Founder of the Thai Paralympic Games who was appointed as the chairman of the Paralympic Committee of Thailand since 2009 until the end of his life

Reporters reported that Paralympic Sports Committee of Thailand There will be a meeting to select a new chairman. On Monday, September 26, which will be here by Ms. Jitphat Tan Kridakorn, a roster form. and Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Party The eldest daughter of Mr. Jutinan As someone who has a role of volunteering to work for society and the nation all along offered to participate in the selection in the said position

By the way, the family agreed. Support the decision of Ms. Jitphat, because he saw that he was qualified to receive the water that carried on the intention and commitment that his father had made to the athletes of the Paralympics. As for Lt. Nayanop Bhirombhakdi, his son, will return to manage the company. Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd. on behalf of his father as well.

In the past, Ms. Jitphat has worked in the sports industry. Both used to be the team manager of athletes with disabilities. The 10th Asian Para Games, People’s Republic of China in 2010, the manager of the Thai national team of disabled athletes. 12th Paralympic Games, England in 2012, Manager of Futsal Club Leo Bang Sue (Deaf) in 2013, Assistant Manager of the Thai National Rock Climbing Team The 4th Asian Beach Games in 2014

Including playing a role in pushing the government to take care of athletes equally. Between Paralympic Games athletes and Olympic Games athletes as well.

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