“The Tuk” Jakyap Thailand loses to Malaysia Begging all parties to help each other not to see it as just a business. Leave one item for a striker coach to study shooting stars.

“The Tuk” Jakyap Thailand loses to Malaysia Begging all parties to help each other not to see it as just a business. Leave one item for a striker coach to study shooting stars.
“The Tuk” Jakyap Thailand loses to Malaysia Begging all parties to help each other not to see it as just a business. Leave one item for a striker coach to study shooting stars.

“The Tuk” Piyapong, soft skin, very unbearable, came out after the game, the Thai national team lost to Malaysia, went to the 3rd place, the 48th “King’s Cup” football championship, begging everyone to help each other Don’t see it as a business. Leave it to find a striker coach to develop shooting stars.

From the case of the Thai national team who cheated death in injury time from the header of Phansa Hemwiboon, chasing down Malaysia 1-1, but in the end they lost in the penalty shootout 3-5, sending the “Yellow Tigers” army to the King. 48th Cup with Tajikistan, while “War Elephants” fell to the 3rd place with Trinidad instead, causing a lot of criticism from Thai fans.

Later, on September 23, “The Tuk” Piyapong Pewon came out to chop the Thai national football team. Through the YouTube channel “Watermelon Long Piyapong Ying” pointing out that playing at home has an advantage on every goal.

By “Piyapong Pewon, said on the show that “We play at home. Every goal has an advantage, the players are 100%, but must admit that playing with Malaysia, our game .. allow me to say that it is not a pineapple in the first half. Since I made YouTube I support the national team because I am a national team athlete But this is the first time I think that in the half of the game I have to admit that. The word is not pineapple. There are reasons for this. 1. We can’t fix pressing. In the back court, when Malaysia press is high, we can’t fix it. I don’t know how to fix the pressing game. Even though our footballers have been through professional footballers good practice But when playing for the national team This is the coach’s challenge.

2. The situation has been unpacked. already have space Thai football likes to paste on the side, leave it and go, like an old person playing modern football, having to raise 1-1 to overlap friends in a quick attack. Don’t paste and go naked. If there is football and there is space to go, go with the ball until he can do it in the 36th minute. Hemwiboon, the defender, is the first time that Thai football has made a game. Both Malays go deep, while Supachai Jaidet is very lonely. There is no body to play the creation of this game. There is no way to think. The middle field asks for permission to say that “Is there?” Have you played? What’s your name I don’t want to say how to move Moved, why didn’t football come forward? For what reason, Mano had to do his homework. The first half I saw a pitch black. In Thai football in the first half, analyze each half

But the second half saw Mano Polking change faster and have more dimensions. It’s more football But become urgency. Forget the roles, methods, concepts in playing football. There are 45 minutes. There is no need to rush the whole game. But the second half comes, you wear it. The second half pushes the front line in the middle of the front to go into the opponent’s field, 5 people go to the line center line. But standing still is blocked, do not alternate, interchangeable, but the attacking style is good, we can be the host to pressure him. The second half had to admit that the game was leveled better than the first half. It’s more football There are more good patterns. And having to accept the fate of scoring goals is a problem.

As long as the Thai football team No forward coach It will be like this for a lifetime. In every generation, you kill the buffalo, you regret the salt. But you never took a striker with a lot of experience. Sarayuth Chaikhamdee, Pipat Tonkanya, a footballer with experience playing a striker Take it as the national team coaching staff in the development of strikers of all ages, none. Someone who is not a former national team player People who don’t know the science of football, say and be like, why don’t you take a deep look at it? Having any staff You will add another striker coach. I’ve been campaigning for a few years and you still haven’t listened to me. This kind of incident still happened. Suphanat, like an eye, fell out of a single 2 times. It must have been a goal. Why don’t you find something like this to add to Supanut’s sharpness? be strong It must be filled. Ask for permission to study the association. Please bring forward coach to help. Sitting on the sidelines, who’s coaching the forwards? Please, please, the association. Take the coach of the striker to help me in every age group. It will cost you a few bucks. Everyone is willing to help. But you never called the former national team. Call someone who has the ability to help. Can you take academics on it? made the team very painful Thai people are in a lot of pain Not a bad footballer. But it’s more about passing on to footballers. I have to ask that we have to fix it. that said they would go beyond ASEAN Have you crossed over yet? Not again. Go back and start again. Please sympathize with Thai people. Let’s cooperate together. Do you believe people in football? Still updating We are always supportive We make mistakes, we can fix them. But do not be stubborn, stubborn. Otherwise Thai football will continue to be like this. whole country fel This is the biggest set You have to look at a large set of contexts like this. What reason did it come from? Did the coach get it? Did the coach get it? Is it good tactics? Does the footballer get it? What’s the association like? Must be truthful. Must be revealed. It’s too many times. We have to come to understand the real football. Don’t make football a business.”

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