Submit the SAT to examine Pao Vik 7 colors

The pair of judgment problems, Black Shark – Pat Diamond, are becoming epic. Young man.. prepares to file a lawsuit against SAT Ask the child to fall without points.

Mr. Pong’s page shared news by Page Num Noi Singpatong prepares to submit a letter to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) asking the judges for Channel 7 colors due to the bantamweight boxing match judgment between Shark Dam Prime. A Tha Sala and Patakphet V.K. Khaoyai The decision of the judges for Shark Dam to win with a unanimous score of 49-48 for all 3 votes on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at the Boxing Stadium, Channel 7 Si, amid constant criticism. Most of the boxing fans do not agree with the aforementioned verdict.

This issue is still hilarious. Mr. Pong’s page has posted content. young boy in Hat Yai Or Mr. Somnuk Phadburi prepares to submit a lawsuit to SAT. and shared on his own page as Num Noi Singpatong with the following message:

Young man..Preparing to file a lawsuit against SAT Visut 7 colors “Big Odd”, the director of boxing informs..will you know about it? Wisut Yingupakarn, Acting President of Channel 7 Boxing Technique Explain the rules to confirm the result of the verdict Muay Thai pair of 7 colors “Black Shark – Patak Petch”, 118 years championship, ready to explain the rules The story of knocking down an opponent without issuing a weapon doesn’t get points!! On the side, “young man in Hat Yai” prepares to file a complaint with the Office of the Boxing Sports Commission. Sports Authority of Thailand With the view that the judge’s decision is not in accordance with the Boxing Act!!

Director of boxing “Big Odd” Platt Suwannamethakorn ready to handle everything If there is a book coming in, it must be followed. Boxing Act to the end as well!!


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