Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)

Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)
Preview of UEFA Nations League 2022 (Live Football Link)
  • list : UEFA Nations League 2022 League A Group 3
  • Matches: Germany national team vs Hungary national team
  • Date / business hours of the competition : Friday night, September 23, 2022 at 1:45 a.m.
  • stadium : Red Bull Arena
  • Live broadcast :

readiness condition Germany

The home team “Lek Eagle” made the national team work as good as usual. Currently holding 2nd place in the group by 5 statistics, the last 5 matches can be won 1, draw 4, even without losing anyone. But the work is not very subsonic. Still need more sharpness

The team in this match will not have Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper and captain of the team, Leon Goretzka, a good midfielder. Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 will not play to help the team at this time. As for the position, there is no problem. The main character called in with every position on the field

Hansi Flick is expected to send a defender. Lucas Klostermann, Antonio Rudiger, Niklas Sule and Jonas Hofmann took charge of the defensive line. The midfielder uses Joshua Kimmich, Ilkay Gundogan, David Rom and Thomas Muller to coordinate the offensive line. The forward uses Leroy Sane and Timo Werner to hunt the net for the team.

readiness condition Hungary

Army “Hungary”, the leader of the group great work But still have to compete intensely in this group, with the last 5 matches being able to win 3, set 1, lose 1. If the team will be able to hit the ticket, they have to collect more points.

readiness for this battle No one will be injured or will face an additional ban. The main players can Enter the field to help the team according to the position as usual.

In this game Marco Rossi will use defenders Attila Salai, Adam Lang, Willy Orban and Attila Fiola to seal the defense. The midfielder uses Ondrach Chafer, Callum Styles, Salt Naghi and Roland Sallay to create a game in midfield that coordinates the offensive line. The striker uses Dominic Soboszlai and Adam Salai to hunt down opponents.

List of 11 players expected to enter the field

Germany : Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK), Lucas Klostermann, Antonio Rudiger, Nicklas Sule, Jonas Hofmann, Joshua Kimmi. H, Ilkay Gundogan, David Rom, Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane, Timo Werner.

Hungary : Denes Dibusz (GK), Attila Salai, Adam Lang, Willie Orban, Attila Fiola, Ondrachafer, Callum Styles, Saw. Alt Naghi, Roland Sallai, Dominic Sobosslai, Adam Salai

Performance of the last 5 matches

Germany National Team

  • 14/06/22 won Italy 5-2 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 11/06/22 Draw Hungary 1-1 (Away) UEFA Nations League
  • 07/06/22 Draw England 1-1 (Home) UEFA Nations League
  • 04/06/22 Draw Italy 1-1 (Away) UEFA Nations League
  • 29/05/22 draw with Netherlands 1-1 (away) friendly

Hungarian national team

  • 14/06/22 won England 4-0 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 11/06/22 Draw Germany 1-1 (Home) UEFA Nations League
  • 07/06/22 lost to Italy 1-2 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 04/06/22 won England 1-1 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 29/03/22 won Northern Ireland 1-0 (away) friendly

The results of the two teams meeting

  • 12/06/22 Hungary national team draw with Germany national team 1-1
  • 24/06/21 Germany national team draws Hungary 2-2
  • 04/06/16 Germany national team defeated Hungary 2-0
  • 30/05/10 Hungarian national team lost 0-3 to Germany national team
  • 06/06/04 Germany national team lost 0-2 Hungary national team.


The local army “Intha Lek” in the past was not defeated by anyone, but the work still can’t show the fierceness. Even though he often leads his opponent, he gets beaten every time. This work must fix the game. And increase the sharpness of adding a little score Guaranteed to make the future bright for sure.

As for the visiting team, the Hungarian army is working as the leader of the group at this time. The results are considered good, but do not underestimate because the controversy in this group is still in the intense phase. If you want to continue in the next round Have to grit your teeth and collect three points. Of course, if you can do this, your chances of going further are high.

If measuring the form and potential of the players Of both teams considered this work, each team has both good Even if the locals have a famous player But getting to score is not decisive. Unlike the visiting team who understands the end of the score equally. If really measured, it would be difficult to eat. Pages will share points without rushing.

expected score

Germany national team 1-1 Hungary national team

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