Scoop front 1 ‘Sarat’ opens ‘Stone Hill’, organizes LIV GOLF battles

Scoop front 1 ‘Sarat’ opens ‘Stone Hill’, organizes LIV GOLF battles

became very popular after Sarath Ratanavadi Chief Executive Officer and Director of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, the No. 1 billionaire in Thailand, continues to penetrate the golf course business. with the opening of the kingdom Stone Hill Golf Club On an area of ​​more than 950 rai in the area of ​​Chiang Rak Noi, Sam Khok District, Pathum Thani Province, by transforming the muddy land into the ultimate golf course. that are ready to deliver a world-class experience to golfers who visit this course

latest Sarath Ratanavadi As the president of Stone Hill Estate Co., Ltd., opened the empire Stone Hill Golf Club Let the media team view the readiness of the stadium on September 22 last. Before starting the course in the world’s largest golf tournament LIV Golf Invitational Bangkok or “Lift Golf Invitational Bangkok” Win a total prize money of $ 25 million, or about 900 million baht, with 48 world-leading golf professionals divided into 12 teams to compete for the championship in individual and team categories without cutoffs during October 7-9.

Stone Hill Golf Club considered to be ready in all aspects Support as a new sports landmark and tourism with a standard 18 holes, designed from Kyle Phillips who have been through the world-class golf course design in California, USA, together with Timoty Slattery Renowned American architect from the Hart Overton Company who designed the end of the world golf players in swing duels.

The surface of the field is made up of natural soft grass. and decorate the surrounding area with bushes and beautiful trees Create an atmosphere like a foreign country The architectural design concept was inspired byneo-classical era It is a collection of old influences. and a new era together as if stepping over time from the past to the present with the concept of limitless possibilities Mix and match the conflicts perfectly. presented through creativity and taking action

on an area of ​​more than 950 rai of Stone Hill can divide the space to create a community To accommodate a wide variety of visitors to this field Including also having a total of 2 restaurants: Ubuntu and Rock Creek including bars like Firefly Each shop has its own unique identity. It is inspired by the different cultures of the people in each area. The Pavilion A place for all kinds of celebrations

Sarath Tell me about the beginning of making the field. Stone Hill Golf Club is to make a world-class golf course in Thailand because there are not many in our house It’s not like in many foreign countries. therefore finding an area for construction and choose Pathum Thani Because it’s not far from Bangkok, get off the expressway and reach it. considered convenient to travel It is also near the Chao Phraya River. which can bring good quality water to use within the field and overall suitable for organizing a world-class golf tournament

“In our course design we looked for designers, both Thai and foreign, until it was Kyle Phillips, who designed golf courses in California. which has a climate similar to Thailand Collaborated with renowned American architect Timothy Slattery, the stadium has been created with a natural atmosphere. And has moved more than 3 million cubic meters of soil, also making a hill that is more than 14 meters high, able to prevent 40-50 years of flooding, hence the name of the field is Stone Hill. It took 4-5 years to build. On an area of ​​more than 900 rai, the entire area is fully utilized. which has a maximum distance of 7,800 yards, very challenging for golfers.”

Sarat also said that in the field of grass, many varieties of Nuan Noi grass were used. to suit the weather Both the tees, fairways and greens make it a field. “Modern Golf Course” according to the era, according to the ability And the strength of world-class golfers. In addition, the course has been created to be comfortable. The building of the clubhouse was constructed using marble from Italy. Make the older the better.

Sarath added that A good golf course can only be built once. and this Stone Hill Stadium Use a large amount of investment therefore designed to be the most perfect There are complete facilities. The highlight of the course is the 17th hole. “Signature Hole” downhill and have a bridge across symbol of the field That is beautiful and difficult is the charm of the field. and believe that it is the best course in Thailand Including the opportunity to be number 1 in Asia

In addition, in the past Sarath Ratanavadi Have experience in organizing big golf tournaments like Thailand Golf Championships 4-5 years ago, where world-class golfers took part in many tournaments in Thailand. And it is considered to build confidence in the country’s investment. Therefore, I would like to bring a big golf tournament. Let’s have a swing duel at this Stone Hill Golf Club.

in the deal section Lift Golf Invitational that Sarath states that the eldest son who is in charge of this field is Sarit Ratanawadee Executive Director of Stone Hill Estate Co., Ltd. was the one who negotiated with the Lift Golf Investments supported by the fund PIF of saudi arabia It has been started for several months now. which reason lift golf The choice of this field probably came from many elements. And it was during this period that Thailand began to have a better relationship with Saudi Arabia. This time is considered to connect international relations. Moreover, our group is doing business together. Therefore, he was convinced that Our golf courses are of good quality.

“At this point, I think The field is ready in every way. Ready to hold a competition In the past, many parties contacted to organize competitions at this field. We try to choose the most suitable tournament. Until it became a field for organizing the Liv Golf Invitational Bangkok by the eldest son. Knowing personally with the organizers of Lift Golf is the source of bringing this world-class golf program. where famous golf pros come to compete at this course.”

for organizing a world-class golf tournament “Lift Golf Invitational Bangkok” At Stone Hill Golf Club this year is the first year. which the Sarat sees It’s a good starting point. For the next year, you’ll have to look at it year after year. Because the golf industry is constantly changing. which has the opportunity for us to organize the competition ourselves or lead other tournaments You can come in and organize the competition. depending on suitability

“Lift Golf Invitational It is a very big tournament. If possible, I would like more people to come and watch the competition. Because there are many world-class golfers participating in the tournament. There probably won’t be many opportunities like this. This will help stimulate both tourism. and the country’s economy as well.”

for the competition Lift Golf Invitational It’s a new kind of competition. which was held in a grand for the first year All 8 competitions, with the 6th course heading to the Asian swing duel at Stone Hill Golf Club, which has the world’s leading golf pros. Major champion degrees are accepted to join the competition on the Thai ring.

with the readiness of all aspects of Stone Hill Golf Club under the creation of Sarath Ratanavadi It is believed to be a golf course that will impress the world’s leading golfers who join in this swing. and will be considered as a debut for the golf world to see Thailand has one of the most complete golf courses in the world.

believe that soon Stone Hill Golf Club will definitely become a world-famous swing magnet for many people to compete. And will help create a good image for Thailand. both sports and tourism It will also affect the overall economic stimulation of the country as well.

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