“Naris” receives the SAT award for 2 years in a row, an event honoring personalities in the boxing industry on September 27

Mr. Naris Singwangcha, chairman of many boxing organizations and founder of many clubs – organizations Which in the boxing industry is known as the father of boxing industry. The most delighted person has been honored by SAT. 2 years in a row

According to the Sports Authority of Thailand Organize an event to honor individuals in the sport of boxing Fiscal Year 2022, with Mr. Khamphon Ouitayakul, Secretary of the Minister of Tourism and Sports presided over the press conference along with Dr. Supranee Guptasa, National Sports Development Fund Manager, Mr. Palat Suwannamethakorn Director of the Office of the Boxing Committee, SAT executives and people in the boxing industry attended the event at the hall, 1st floor, Chaloem Phrakiat Building, 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary SAT on September 20, 2022.

The secretary to the Minister of Tourism and Sports said that the development and success of the sport of Muay Thai in each dimension would not happen. Without the honorable personnel to lead “Muay Thai” to such goals. and to honor the personnel who are in the foreground and behind the scenes of the sport of Muay Thai as well as the international boxing sport of Thailand Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) as an agency that promotes, supports and develops the nation’s sports. To make Thailand a leading country in sports at the international level both sports to strive for excellence and sports in order to build a career

Therefore, the 9th (performance of the year 2020) and the 10th (performance of the year 2021) of the fiscal year 2022 have been held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. at the Indoor Stadium Huamark to encourage all sectors to join in pushing the sport of boxing to grow as it is a cultural heritage of the country. And for the important goal is to include the sport “Muay Thai” into the Olympic Games. The awards will be given to personnel during the year 2020 and year 2021, a total of 67 awards.

Khun Naris Singwangcha, the most delighted person, has been honored by SAT. 2 years in a row, namely the award for outstanding boxing sport (works of the year 2563) and award for the best sponsor of boxing sport (person) (work of the year 2021) by thanking SAT. and the relevant committees that award such awards which he will be determined to continue to do benefits

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