“Coach Urgent” receives the most important reserve for the Thai women’s national volleyball team for the World Championship : PPTVHD36

After “Coach Urgent”, Mr. Danai Sriwatcharamethakul Head coach of the Thai national volleyball team Take the team out from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Amsterdam netherlands last morning By spending a total of 12 hours to participate in the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships in the Netherlands and Poland from September 23 to October 15

“Coach Urgent” is pleased with the Thai volleyball champion of ASEAN Reveal the goals of the World Championships

“Coach Urgent” revealed that from now on, the opponent will find a way to deal with the young Thai girl.

Recently, the Thai women’s national volleyball team has arrived in the Netherlands. After a total journey of 12 hours, the staff of the Royal Thai Embassy in The Hague welcomed us. and take good care of the facilities

“Coach Urgent” mentioned the readiness before the first match that This set of players is considered the most complete set. by competing in the World Championship It’s a tough competition There is also a competitive program. Therefore, player rotation is mainly required. This time, the team has selected quality reserves to travel with. Because always have to play as a replacement for the main character, while Taddao reminds him, although there is an injury, but believes that Past experience will definitely help the team a lot.

For Thai girls, the first match in the 2022 World Championships against Turkey will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m.

“Mano” believes that Thailand has no problems, duel with Malaysia in the King’s Cup, hoping to see a rising star.

The official title challenger, Francesco Bagnaya

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