Mainstand “Sports Media” does not focus on “race results” to a full Content Creator Hub.

evensporting eventIt will be an activity to create benefits for the body. Strengthen unity and friendship If you can’t deny that on the other handsportare all connected with society in any dimension both economically, socially, and culturally For example, Greece’s bankruptcy crisis occurred after hosting.olympic 2004

expression ofsportsThe United States has come out kneeling for the national anthem to protest the government’s lack of respect for black people. Even the New Zealand rugby team in black Dubbed the All Blacks, the Maori battle dance “haga” must be performed before the competition begins.

Sports and society, politics and culture are therefore inseparable. are connected in one dimension and if mentionsports mediathat serves to explain how this connection continues And doing the best it has to have a name. Main Stand be in it

“Sports content used to be a segment in the overall media landscape. It’s about a particular group of people. But we make sports in connection with lifestyle, politics, society to make sports impact on the wider public.” Roj Phutthakhun Chief Executive Officer of Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd. emphasizes the concept of Main Stand

  • Deciphering sports media without focusing on results

Main stand is a sports media that has grown rapidly in the 4 years it was founded. And his highlight is the presentation of content without focusing.Results The kind that sports media often present. but bringing sports stories to connect with lifestyle, society, politics and presenting In-depth Stories like the topics illustrated above.

Main stand’s signature that this makes sports media that started from fan pages and websites to grow bigger and bigger. And is entering the 5th year with more than 1 million followers. There is also experience in managing the program chart. and produce programs for digital TV such as T-Sport channels, including Plan B Media Public Company Limited, which holds sports rights to invest strengthen

To this day, Mainstand has executives in 3 main parts, consisting of Mr. Kanaphol Techaruangporn. Chairman, Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Roj Putthakun, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Wattana Ngernmuen, Chief Operating Officer. All of which are in the sports industry. marketing before through joining a football team and supervise the media on the football team

Roj Phutthakhun Chief Executive Officer of Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd. gave an interview that Mainstand started to grow from being an Online Publisher that uses Passion to work. with customers and add more services for customers to choose from From creating sports content on fan pages and websites to becoming a Content Provider for many customers whether private or public

“We used to do public relations for the Sports Authority of Thailand. make content on television And for the private sector, they have to make online content. including helping to maintain the online system for many groups of customers, not limited to customers who are interested in doing Sport Marketing only. Including a back-end system to track performance Which has been well received by customers in the past 2-3 years. During the fourth quarter, we want to collect our strengths to extend our service to customers.”

Main stand’s income is derived from 3 main parts: 1. Content creation and publishing through their own media in the proportion of 30% of total revenue. 2. Being a Content Provider, such as contract production 35% of content partnerships for media and 3. Sport marketing consultants to government agencies and the private sector 30%.

“In the beginning we had Motto that Sports Edutainment that brings information and sports entertainment to meet Then we switched to Stand for all used as the core of the business which to be content for everyone We think that there must be content that can be connected to everyone. And second, we need a format. That is, there are different media formats such as videos, articles, and third, there is a Distribution Chanel, which in addition to online. Therefore, we are involved in making television and radio. That’s why even if we specialize in online But we are still focused on all platforms.”

Main stand

(From left to right) Wattana Ngernmuen, Chief Operating Officer, Roj Puttakhun, Chief Executive Officer, and Kanaphol Techaruangporn Chairman, Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“After we make content in our style. Then someone saw the handiwork. leading to co-production and last year We make money from this section at the level of 70-80 million baht per year and we continue to use this strength to develop. because there will be a sports channel that wants us to continue or any other type of media that has a model that wants sports to be important. Because nowadays sports media is not limited to the results of the competition. but also in lifestyle, way of thinking, or fashion,” said the Main Stand executive. Last year, Mainstand had total revenue of 120 million baht, while next year it is expected to grow by 20-30% from co-production of content and doing sport marketing from activities after the Covid-19 situation. begin to unravel

Main stand
  • Plan to Content Creator Hub

In the 5th year of growth, Main Stand has set a strategy to become Content Creator Hub, providing a One Stop Service, whether it is a strategy to use marketing tools for maximum efficiency. content production full publicity

Wattana, money ten thousand Chief Operating Officer of Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the latest brand ambassadors of Mainstand have been launched to 15 people we call “MainStand Frontman” which in addition to making the Mainstand more strong It will also expand the target audience and connect more between our customers and the target audience. with influencer marketing

Karunpol Techaruangporn Chairman of Mainstand Creators (Thailand) Co., Ltd. views that Mainstand’s goal is to be a sports media that can reach everyone. There is a major online channel growing rapidly as a sports media. Experienced in program management and produce programs for digital TV

As for the revenue management model of having Frontman at the agency, there is no denying that more people are joining the structure. We have to look at both: generating revenue for the company and generating revenue for our Frontman or Influencer. We have a management approach in a model that will generate income and grow together.

“I think this is an interesting model. Our Frontman serves to add value to our customers’ products. and connect with the target audience At the same time, Mainstand sees it as our responsibility to create value for our Frontman. So what we will do is we will make our influencers more valuable and grow with the content we will do. When these two parts grow It will generate income together.”

Main stand

Having a strong platform or communication channel alone is not enough to communicate with your target audience. The most important point is to have someone he can easily touch and reach the way he wants. Therefore, it is the source that we need to have a Frontman who will act as the point of attachment between us and the target audience as much as possible.

Make the target audience reach and understand us as much as possible. And in order for us to reach everyone’s goals, Frontman’s come in multiple generations. Each person has a clear character. But what we all have in common is our passion for sports and being a sport lover.

Let sports reach all dimensions, including society, politics, economy, and culture as intended.

The article is in Thai

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