Definitely loud! 2,000 people join the Jet Ski “World Cup” to create “soft power” around the world.

Definitely loud! 2,000 people join the Jet Ski “World Cup” to create “soft power” around the world.
Definitely loud! 2,000 people join the Jet Ski “World Cup” to create “soft power” around the world.

Mr. Parikhet Suebsahakarn, Director of the WGP#1 World Jet Ski Tournament, revealed that the WGP One Model is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), and the Development Fund. national sports has created concrete success and is confident that it will be one of the ways to create sustainable soft power for the Thai sports industry The tournament WGP#1 Jet Ski World Cup 2023 will take place between 13-17 December 2023 in Pattaya, Chonburi Province.

The clear achievements include the goal of importing 2,000 international sports teams from more than 40 countries to Thailand. And when combined with the Thai racing team, there will be a team of more than 3,000 athletes, which can be compared to a sports festival. But because this activity is Thai, it builds trust in soft power throughout the world. Therefore creating great value. and there is no need to purchase foreign copyrights Moreover, when the event grows into one of the best sports contents in the world. make it important In broadcasting live via satellite to 121 countries around the world. Targets a global audience of over 100 million people.

In the big picture This activity is creating benefits for Thailand in many ways, such as having its own media on the world stage. It is useful in promoting Thailand. It is beneficial to create economic circulation. Thai tourism, etc., both previously In the second world championship scoring arena in France, Muay Thai was also introduced. and Thai tourism to exhibit and publish There were more than 7,000 European spectators interested in attending the event.

Mr. Parikhet added that as for success in sports It is a clear principle that WGP#1 wants to create sports tournaments. It is Thai intellectual property. Go out and compete on the world stage and is becoming highly successful Thailand has risen to be the leader in managing the world jet ski sport. At the top of the sports ecosystem There are more than 40 member nations of the global network and the goal is to increase to 55 nations in 2025, which can conduct surveys of the world’s current top ten athletes. The success of Thai sports right now This makes the giant foreigners who previously owned the game Restless and trying to block the growth of Thai tournaments in every possible way. But I believe that today Thai people It has the potential to create success number 1 in the world like this, definitely sustainable.

“WGP One Model” shows an alternative vision of Thai sports management on the world stage. In the world market, there are no free things that fall from the sky. Every nation wants to compete with Thailand and become the leader in world sports. So why must Thailand always follow other nations? It may be because there has never been a government policy. Clearly encourage Thai people to fight on the world stage. Thank you for your success. Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Sports Authority of Thailand, National Sports Development Fund, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Department of Intellectual Property Ministry of Commerce that help change this concept of intellectual property which can be seen as creating many benefits for the Thai nation We are preparing to announce our goal of success in 100 days, with a press conference coming soon,” Mr. Parikhet said.

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