Save it! MotoGP 2023 Thailand Stadium Packed with “Fan Fun” activities throughout the 3 days, very great.


Organizing department joinsDorna Sport Revealing great activities in every sector Join together to fulfill the value – impress both Rider Parade Bring famous superstar riders Top level in the world “Shuttle Tan” Greet your girlfriend aroundChang Stadium and MotoGP Hero Walk Riding the red carpet of motorcyclists that Thai fans will experience for the first time, line-up of artists A full concert, Muay Thai with 9 famous boxing pairs and many additional activities.

movementMotoGP battle in Thailand The pride of Thai people in being hosts.The world motorcycle racing championship “OR Thailand Grand Prix 2023” will be contested on 27 – 29 October 2023 at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province.

Mr. Carlos Espeleta, executive from Dorna Sport Said: “This year will be the biggest year of MotoGP There has been the most change in history, whether it isSprint Race on Saturday and MotoGP Hero Walk Both Saturday and Sunday, including Rider Parade activities More coming on Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to going to the Thailand stadium and meeting the Thai fans. I’m sure it will be. MotoGP That’s wonderful.”

Mr. Tanaisiri Chanwittayarom, Managing Director of Chang International Circuit, as the competition organizing committee. Said that this year can be called the happiest year ofMotoGP Fan Thailand Because besides being able to cheer on your favorite world-class riders, there is also “Kong” Somkiat Chandra The only Thai person competing inMoto 2 model and inMoto 3 model There are still great tips, wild cards fromYamaha Thailand Racing Teamat “Idea” Krittaphat Khueankham Let’s cheer each other on and have fun in the home race. Including many activities that have never been done before throughout 3 full days.

When entering the competition program Riders will hit the track starting Thursday, Oct. 26, to exercise, explore the track and give interviews to media from around the world.

Friday 27 Oct. Practice day for all 3 groups, both morning and afternoon. Enjoy the evening withMeet & Greet activities with famous ridersof various labels and start the fun with an exciting concert from Thailand’s leading rappers. F.HERO and Mae Sai Entertainment Sani

Saturday 28 Oct. In the morning, don’t miss out onMotoGP Hero Walk activity New event that brings riders down the red carpet Meet your boyfriend up close And this year is very worthwhile. Because there is not only qualification, but also “MotoGP Sprint Race” Come in too.

As for the activity zones, they are still packed. Meet & Greet After the competition ends and in the early evening there is “Thai Muay Thai Fight” 9 famous boxing pairs, with the main match being a meeting of “Kubladam S.J. Piak Uthai” batter “Rambo Lek, Yotha Subdistrict”Continue having fun with 2 hottest indie country artists. “Book Suphakan” and “Nescafe Sri Nakhon”

Sunday 29 Oct. Competition day, don’t miss it.MotoGP Hero Walk activity Let fans get close to the riders for 2 rounds. The morning round will beMoto 2 rider and Moto 3 and at noon it will beMotoGP rider Including Rider Parade activity The riders board the shuttle to greet their fans.Chang Stadium In every zoneGrand Stand Side Stand orRider Stand Complete with many exclusive souvenirs.Concert from Chang Music Connection Have fun ending with the rock artist whose heartbreak song has been loved by fans. You can sing along to every song. Clear circle

All of this full entertainment will take place atActivity area in front of Chang Stadium International Circuit, Buriram Province, 27-29 Oct. in “OR Thailand Grand Prix Expo” throughout 3 days free! For ticket holders to attend all types of competitions. Or buy an ADMISSION card for 100 baht per day or 3 days for 200 baht.

However, “OR Thailand Grand Prix Expo” There are also activities and shops from sponsors along with giant pavilions of various agencies. which has various activities For visitors to participate in many fun activities such as OR Pavilion of OR, Pavilion of famous motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, etc. which fans can buyMotoGP souvenirsVarious products related to motorcycles, decorative products, motorsport products, interesting activities from the public and private sectors, Meet & Greet World-class riders from motorcycle manufacturers Including more than 100 stores.

Tickets for the competition can also be purchased at Counter Service All Ticket in every 7-Eleven store nationwide. As for ADMISSION tickets, purchase them at the Allticket booth at the event on 27-29 Oct. only! Follow more details at the Chang Circuit Buriram fan page.

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