Retracing the path of life “Coach Nai-Sib Muen” from a former two-time Muay Thai champion to a nationally famous YouTuber.


Get to know “Sibmuen Sitchefbuntham”, a skilled Thai boxer, former 2-ring, 2-ring champion and owner of the YouTube channel Coach Nay – Sibmuen with over 1.89 million followers.

“Sibmuen Sitchefbuntham” or “Coach Nai” is preparing to return to don the gloves. Go into the ring to show off your skills as a former two-line, two-ring champion for the first time in 9 months. Meet “Miguel Trindade,” a 22-year-old hard-hitting fighter from Portugal in Muay Thai rules. Catchweight rating: 147 lbs. in the historic big battle ONE Lumpini 34 that will be broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) on Friday, September 22.

But before the competition comes We would like to volunteer to take you to get to know each other. “Coach Nai-Sib Muen” in depth in every dimension. Since the beginning of the Muay Thai boxer’s career until achieving a high level of success before changing his role to become a famous YouTuber and the decision to return to the ring again for the big historical battle, ONE Lumpini 34, which is coming soon.

Muay Thai boxing career following father’s dream

“Sibmuen Sitchefbuntham” was born on January 26, 1995 in Dan Khun Thot District. Nakhon Ratchasima Province There are 2 siblings, with “Sib Muen” being the youngest. The childhood life of “Sib Muen” was no different from that of any other mischievous boy. who likes to have fights on a regular basis But because the father has a dream to see his beloved son grow up to be a boxer. So it was decided to take “Sip Muen” to practice boxing with “Kongfah Luktupfah” who is considered an uncle.

It turned out that “Sib Muen” already liked boxing. I fell in love with Muay Thai while practicing. Therefore, he did not hesitate to immediately follow his father’s dream. By choosing to walk on the path of a professional Thai boxer

Started his boxing career with 7 straight defeats.

After practicing with “Kongfa” for only 3 days, “Sibmuen” showed outstanding fighting talent. So he was immediately given the opportunity to fight in his first professional Muay Thai fight. But because he had to clash with an opponent who had more experience in the ring, “Sibmuen” had to lose by knockout in the third round.

Despite suffering defeat from his first fight, “Sibmuen” is excited by the experience he gained. and return to focus on training to be stronger than before Even after another 6 fights later, “Sibmuen” still couldn’t find victory. But he doesn’t think of giving up. Until he tasted victory for the first time in the 8th fight.

Won 2 Muay Thai championships

After traveling to gather experience in the provincial arena and participating in hundreds of fights, boxing teacher “Kongfa” decided to push “Sip Muen” into the Bangkok arena. which despite having to face many problems with boxing in the beginning But with the determination and dedication of “Sib Muen”, he was able to succeed. Won 2 Muay Thai championships from 2 stages, with the first being the welterweight championship. Siam Omnoi Boxing Stadium and the second line is the super welterweight champion Ratchadamnoen Stage

YouTube number 200 million views

After a short period of success, “Sibmuen” decided to turn his back on the boxing world. After becoming bored with life in the ring Due to the advancement of skills, it was difficult to find a partner. Until it became an important turning point in life. After the famous YouTuber My Mate Nate contacted him and asked “Sibmuen” to act as his coach. There was going to be a fight show during that time. It became the starting point for everyone to know “Sib Muen” in the name of “Coach Nai”.

Getting the opportunity to work with a nationally famous YouTuber like My Mate Nate became the starting point for “Sibmuen” to try opening his own YouTube channel. Under the name of the channel “Coach nay – Ten Muen”, they started by recording clips and making content about boxing in their own style. Such as teaching hand wraps, teaching how to make a boxer’s mouthguard. It turned out that there were millions of views, which made “Sib Muen” decide to get serious about being a YouTuber. Currently, there are more than 1.89 million subscribers to his channel.

The Thai boxer that fans want to see return to the ring the most.

The birth of the world-class Muay Thai program ONE Lumpini became the starting point for fans to They went to comment under almost every video clip in the channel “Coach nay – Ten Muen” to call for “Sib Muen” who last entered the ring last month. Last December, he returned to donning gloves and throwing his fists to show off his skills once again. Finally, “Sibmuen” decided to come back and do what he loves again after 9 months in the big historical battle of ONE Lum. Pini 34 coming up this Friday, September 22.

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Follow and watch “Sibmuen vs. Miguel” ONE Lumpini 34 battle broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) this Friday, September 22nd. The first match starts at 7:30 p.m. and watch on Various channels as follows

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