Toto doesn’t blame George, every race is risky.

Toto doesn’t blame George, every race is risky.
Toto doesn’t blame George, every race is risky.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss Not blaming George Russell for his performance at the Singapore Grand Prix last night. 18 g.Y. In the past, even though they were about to get to the podium, 3 Behind Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, however, when entering the final lap he swerved and missed. had to leave the race and was happy that Lewis Hamilton still got the podium.

Russell wins rank 2 in the qualifying round Even though he lost his position as soon as he started, he tried to get back. And towards the end he didn’t give up trying to do his best. Wolff said: “It’s a shame for George because he worked so hard for that. But it’s awesome that Lewis got the podium, he’s got a great race and he’s got speed.”

It’s already difficult if we overcome it by staying still. We told them to go lane, fight, and they fought. In the end, Lewis’ podium was great. In fact, I thought we couldn’t win. If you don’t do anything when you have a safety car We have to take risks. We know the worst is the ranking. 3 and 5 The best wins. But there are times when the data tells us where we are. 1 and 2”

Despite only getting points from Hamilton, Mercedes is still in first place. 2 In the team type table, there are 273 Points behind Red Bull Racing who have 583 Score: In the driver category, Hamilton has 164 Ranking score 4 and russell 109 Score is ranked 7

Next venue: Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. 22-24 g.Y. This was broadcast live on the channel. BeIN Sports1 (607)

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