5 things you need to know “Yuri Tsunematsu” 20 years to become famous!! From the role of “AV star” to the archer of Alice in Borderland

Yuri Tsunematsu has become a scene-stealer in Alice in Borderland, having previously starred in the hit series Naked Director as a legendary AV actress.

1. Yuri Tsunematsu entered the industry at a very young age, started auditioning since kindergarten. Because parents are afraid of their daughter being a shy child She has signed to a big agency like Amuse with Parco

2. To start in the industry quite early Has been working since the age of 6, but before becoming popular, Yuri Tsunematsu took quite a long time. And passed a lot of auditions Yuri Tsunematsu said that she auditioned about 240 times and many of them didn’t get a job.

3. Yuri Tsunematsu used to play the role “AV Star” in the hit series “Naked Director” 2nd year as a legendary AV star Mariko Nogi who is a star who has only 12 AV movies And it’s a young woman who Muramichi, the legendary AV film director, married until they became husband and wife.

The role in Naked Director can be called the role that truly created the name of Yuri Tsunematsu and made her start to be known after entering the industry for 10 years.

4. In Alice in Borderland She plays the role “Akane” Archer girl who became an important character in this movie. Especially her sexy beauty and cool look when she wields a bow and became a scene-stealer in Alice in Borderland Year 2.

Her character, Heiya Akane, is a former archery club athlete. Become a character that everyone talks about, especially Die Hard level endurance, can’t die when hit by anything. Plus it has one leg. By default, he became the most caring character in the series.

5. After playing movies and series for 20 years, Yuri Tsunematsu became a movie heroine for the first time in her life this year. in the fantasy thriller film Kisaragi Station After being in the industry for 2 decades, this year this girl can be called successful.







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