Get to know “OPPO Pad Air”, the first tablet from “OPPO”.

after allowing other brands to market tablet come before It’s time for another famous brand in China like OPPO (Oppo) will penetrate this market as well With the arrival of the first tablet in the camp, OPPO seems to have developed ambush until a very interesting tablet version.

OPPO Pad Air Comes in the slogan “thin design, sleek, unlimited fun” and has positioned itself as suitable for study, work and play. All applications

Of course, this freshman is hot like this. I need to introduce myself a bit. Many people still do not know this tablet, and here are 5 things that many people may not know about “OPPO Pad Air”.

1. Light weight, easy to carry.

One of the most mesmerizing natural views is Sand dunes as far as the eye can see at sunset It gives the impression of endless light and shadow. And this view is the inspiration for the design of the “OPPO Pad Air” Sunset Dune back cover. It is born for true fashion and art lovers.

Part of the back cover is designed as a sand dunes stripe, giving it a luxurious and exotic touch, layered in Fog Gray. Matches with every style. With a typical Reno Glow design with 5 layers of coating and 3D finishing technology for the first time, OPPO Pad Air is also the perfect companion tablet that must be used anywhere, anytime with the device. It is only 6.94 mm thin and 440 g light, comfortable to hold in your hand.

Get to know

2. The screen is large and full of eye care.

Wake up early to check the news feed. late meeting Long afternoon work In the evening, draw a picture to take a break. At the start of the evening, look for a movie to watch. All these activities can be done on a single “OPPO Pad Air” that will allow you to enjoy the big screen all day. Because it comes with a screen size of 10.36″, a screen edge design that has the same width of 8 mm on all 4 sides, resulting in a screen-to-body ratio of up to 83.5 percent, fully usable. And with a resolution of up to 2K, displaying up to one billion colors delivers realism and full detail.

And most importantly, it is also certified to TÜV Rheinland standards that the screen filters harmful blue light by Eye Care screens, helping to reduce eye strain caused by using the screen for a long time as well.

3. Powerful 3D sound, 4 full speakers

Whether playing games, watching movies or studying online. The sound system is something that cannot be overlooked because it will miss the experience or some sound details. “OPPO Pad Air” is full of 4 stereo speakers, the Dolby Atmos system delivers clear, realistic sound, full of sound detail. 3D creates an immersive listening experience across all frequencies. Makes you enjoy the spectacular scenes in your favorite movies. Or listen to the teacher’s lectures in online classes completely without missing out on every important lesson.

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4. Easily connect to other devices or Smart Stylus pen.

No matter what kind of accessories are connected, “OPPO Pad Air” is a hub that connects to other devices quickly and seamlessly. It connects instantly to a nearby smartphone and can control, work or edit tasks on both devices from a single device comfortably.

In addition, for those who like to take notes or draw, they will be especially pleased because OPPO Pad Air also supports connection to the ultra-low latency Smart Stylus pen, providing a writing experience like writing on real paper on a large screen. Unleash your creativity to the fullest.

5. Open multiple apps at the same time

For the illustrator who has to open the model and draw accordingly. or creatives that need to launch a preview of their work while taking note of their ideas. or even a Twitter trend cyclist You have to add hashtags to update the coolest scenes while watching the latest series. It’s easy to do at your fingertips because “OPPO Pad Air” comes with a Two-Finger Split Screen feature. Use 2 fingers to swipe straight down. In the middle of the screen, it makes it possible to split the screen to activate 2 apps at the same time, maximizing productivity.

Get to know

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