Travel in Korea, Jeju Island, follow in the footsteps of Red Velvet Level Up Project SS5

back again with Level Up Project Season 5 of Red Velvet to take everyone Visit Jeju Island, Korea Welcome the bright atmosphere of the sea together. Of course, this time the girls There are beautiful places to visit. and fun activities ReVeluv Where is there a lot? Don’t forget to make a list Let’s go on a journey with the Red Velvet girls~

Travel to Jeju Island, Korea with

Red Velvet Level Up Project SS5

It’s time for ReVeluv will travel to travel Jeju Island top sea attractions of Korea with the girls Red Velvet in reality show Level Up Project Season 5 In addition to enjoying the fun activities that each girl has prepared for. There is also a chance to get to know the beautiful sights. also on Jeju Island I believe that everyone will be able to smile and laugh with the cuteness of the 5 Red Velvet girls for sure.

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Traveling to Jeju Island with Red Velvet girls

Level Up Project Season 5

Episode 1-2

1. Hamdeok Seoubong Beach

Hamdeok Beach

For the first location that Red Velvet girls visit in episode 1-2 is Hamdeok Seoubong Beach (Hamdeok Seoubong Beach 함덕 서우봉해변), also known as Hamdeok Beach Hamdeok Beach is a beautiful beach located about 14 kilometers east of Jeju City. The charm of this man is the clear blue waters. contrast with the large white beach and green hills The coastal area is home to many restaurants, hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and other amenities, as well as a very beautiful coastal road. It’s hot

We’ll see the girls officially kick off Level Up Project Season 5 at a restaurant on Hamdeok Beach. Before having our first meal in Jeju Island with a variety of delicious seafood and raw fish dishes. After agreeing on the first activities on Jeju Island, the girls went out to take some pretty pictures. Right on the beach of Hamdeok decorated with cute street art. with the blue sea and green hills in the background. Let me tell you that this angle is very beautiful to photograph. Saichae must follow to check-in urgently.

Check out the reality show online at ‘Level Up Project Season 5’ EP.1-2 : Begin the fun of traveling in Jeju Island.



2. Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach


later is Woljeongri Beach (Woljeongri Beach 월정리 해수욕장) Another famous beach that is also known for its beauty. Whether it is the clear blue water that can be seen under the sea clearly clean white sand and the view of the outstanding windmills from afar There are also fun water activities. Let’s do a lot. At the end of episode 2 we see Irene driving everyone to Woljeongri Beach to begin the first activity she has prepared, which is clear kayaking Yes, she revealed that she had tried kayaking once. So I want to take the members to go pie together.


And how much fun is the first activity that Irene presents? and then other members Where will you take us to check in next on Jeju Island? Let’s wait to follow in the next episode of reality show Level Up Project Season 5~

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