Prepare the Cabinet next Tuesday to end the Emergency Decree, effective Sept. 30

‘Secretary of the NSC’ confirms the cancellation of the Emergency Decree does not affect covid Use the Communicable Disease Act to take care of the cabinet. This September 27, pointing out which areas have come back to spread heavily, the governor can use the power to manage.

September 23, 2022 – At 12:15 p.m. at the Government House, Gen. Suphot Malaniyom, secretary-general of the National Security Council (NSC) gave an interview after the meeting of the Committee on the Epidemic Situation Administration of Infectious Diseases. Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) or Prof. No. 12/2565 that the cancellation of the Royal Decree on government administration in emergency situations (The Emergency Decree) will be effective from September 30 due to the Emergency Decree. Originally announced to end on September 30, which according to the law must proceed as follows. The next mechanism will be the National Communicable Disease Committee, headed by Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, will take care of and from now on will be the matter of the Cabinet (Cabinet), government by the Prime Minister.

However, cancellation Emergency decree Asking why it was cancelled. In fact, if the government’s covid 19 situation correction was followed by Prof. In the past, General. Oh, my God. Prayut Chan-ocha who used to act as the prime minister at that time. There is a continuous step-by-step process. Therefore, there are points to consider and evaluate. reach the right point The highlight point during this period is the improvement in the situation and the Ministry of Public Health has announced that it is a disease that must be monitored. Normal law is valid and then proceed according to the plan according to the steps that have been laid.

Reporters asked that after the cancellation of the Emergency Decree Taking care of the Covid-19 situation Going to use the normal law or not? The NSC secretary general said yes, it’s the Communicable Disease Act. In fact, there is also a draft Communicable Disease Act that has been revised from the old one, which is 2015. If there is anything special, we can consider it. can apply additional laws

When asked about the cancellation of the Emergency Decree CCC has to end or not? Gen. Suphot said that Prof. has ended, including agencies under the Prof. must stop. Today at the meeting, there have been reports of results from the Ministry of Public Health and many other ministries that join together. work Now must terminate and use the normal mechanism to operate.

If the situation of covid comes back to spread severely again, an emergency decree can be declared. The NSC secretary-general said that it can actually be announced again. In Thailand, anything that is a crisis that the Cabinet deems that a special law is required can be done. But in the matter of covids, we and the public health have already discussed. using the Communicable Disease Committee mechanism Therefore, the provincial governor as the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee Governor of Bangkok as the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee They can use their power to declare an epidemic and use their own laws to deal with it first.

When asked whether the steps from now on must be proposed to the cabinet meeting or not, Gen Supot said that it must be brought into the cabinet on Tuesday, September 27.

When asked to reiterate whether it will take effect on September 30, means midnight or not, Gen Supot said that the legal time is uncertain. But it is legal.

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