“half-per-person, phase 5”, remaining 2,826,685 rights

Mr. Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office As a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance revealed that half of the project, Phase 5, has about 3.09 million rights remaining from people who have already received rights. but did not have the first spend within the specified period. The Ministry of Finance therefore brought the remaining rights to open for the public to register for a new round. From today (23 Sept.22) until October 1, 2022, until 12.15 p.m., there are still 2,826,685 rights remaining.

Those who are interested can register through the application or www.half-per-person.com between 06.00-22.00 hrs. The general public can register for this new round. both people who have never received the project rights and people who have been granted the project rights but did not spend the first time within the specified period

However, the conditions for people who will register to join the project Must be of Thai nationality, aged 18 years or over at the date of registration. Has a 13-digit identification number and an ID card. Not a holder of a state welfare card according to the Ministry of Finance’s database as of August 15, 2022. Not eligible for the purchasing power program for those who need special assistance. Phase 3 has never been suspended. be called back or violates the conditions of other government measures or projects

Citizens registered and entitled will receive a credit line to support food, beverages, general merchandise, massage services, spas, hairdressing, manicures, and public transport services. and goods or services prescribed by the Ministry of Finance at a rate of 50 percent, but not more than 150 baht per person per day and not more than 800 baht per person throughout the project period Like all previously entitled citizens Can be used from Monday October 3, 2022 until Monday October 31, 2022 between 06.00-22.59 hrs.

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