Lawyer Lui filed a complaint against Praiwan, insulting Phra Chatri for causing disgrace to the Sangha.

Lawyers Thammarat storm Chachoengsao police station Lui filed a complaint against Prairie Praiwan for insulting Chatree causing the Sangha to be disgraceful and damaged.

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On September 23, 2022, reporters reported that Attorney Thammarat had posted a picture of himself while traveling to report to the police via Facebook.Lawyer Thammarat The Lawyer of legality.” with a message stating that “Condemn to prosecute Prairie Praiwan on charges of insulting the monks or the monks causing damage to the monks. Investigators at Chachoengsao Provincial Police Station have accepted the accusation in accordance with the regulations. therefore recorded for further legal proceedings against the accused

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Lawyers Thammarat storm Chachoengsao police station Lui filed a complaint against Prairie Praiwan for insulting Phra Chatri

If Phra Ajahn Chatri I would like to file a complaint against Prairie Praiwan in another case. I am willing to be a legal advisor for you. Id line: 0982425566 Merit Lawyer Division to protect and inherit Buddhism. by Attorney Thammarat

In this case Phra Chatree Hemphan Abbot of Wat Phutthawihan The only Thai temple in st petersburg Russia Live broadcast via personal facebook At one point, Prairie said “Praiwan” Praiwan Wannabut said, “E Prairie, when he was ordained, seemed to be a Buddhist scholar. thought to be an important force in spreading Buddhism but eventually felt which I did not say But I see that E Prairie’s behavior It’s a disgrace to Buddhism.”

later Prairie Praiwan Got a live broadcast in response to Phra Chatri for over 1 hour and 15 minutes, in one episode saying, “Wait, you will know that you are a monk and what it will be like to be preached. I will invite my relatives to make merit and build a bathroom, you said. But don’t refer to me. Then it’s a monk to call me “E” bald bastard. I don’t care. What the fuck are you a professor? But I will insult you.” read news : Praiwan hits the heart of Phra Chatri after a live broadcast of ‘E Prairie’ tramples on the Institute of Buddhism

Even Phra Chatri posted a message via Facebook again stating that “People who are wrong must dare to take responsibility. P’Luang has to apologize to Perry for the intrusion. I agree with all of your opinions and attitudes. Please forgive me.”

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