Keep an eye on ‘BQ.1.1’, a new breed of Omikron, the great-grandson. The epidemic will replace the BA.5

23 Sep 2022 – Genome Medical Center Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University Post on Facebook, “Center for Medical Genomics”, “BQ.1.1”, the great-grandchildren of Omikron BA.5 have three different spinal mutations from BA.5, R346T, K444T and N460K. that will spread to replace “BA.5” and “BA.2.75.2”

The number of people who are immune to the 2019 coronavirus, both through natural infection and by vaccination, is currently increasing globally. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of new infections and deaths worldwide. Many countries have adjusted their status to COVID-19. endemic

Increased human immunity around the world has driven the virus to accelerate its mutation in order to survive, especially by altering the cortical part of the virus particles to evade immunity to spread from person to person. people as long as you

from the cooperation of “Scientists around the world in the digital age” have joined together to help decode the coronavirus 2019 genome, upload and share it on the global coronavirus genetic code database “GISAID”, enabling us to be aware of the mutation of the virus. Corona 2019 around the world in real time

While experts around the world are monitoring the outbreak of the omicron subspecies “BA.2.75.2”, the first outbreak found in India and spread worldwide, replacing BA.5 and BA. 4.6 Slowly, a new “great-grandson of BA.5” Omikron in England, named BA. or “BQ.1.1” (Figure 1), was discovered.

The predominantly mutated and likely subspecies of the omikron that may replace the dominant BA.5 omikron that are now spreading around the world are:

BA. / BQ.1.1


BA. / BY.1

BA. / BN.1


BA. / BF.7

Experts around the world are focusing the most on BQ.1.1 as the number of infections is increasing rapidly, especially in the UK the first case was detected on August 26, 2022. Now (September 22, 2022) has been found in The “GISAID” database has 28 cases, of which 78 worldwide have been identified, sorted by number of samples found in the UK, USA, France, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany (Figure 2).

The omicron BQ.1.1, the great-grandson of BA.5, has mutations on three different spine segments, R346T, K444T and N460K, that differ from BA.5 (Figure 3) and four identical to BA.4/BA.5. Locations are 69-70 absent from the genome, L452R, R493Q, and F486V.

Unlike BA.2.75.2, 69-70 is missing from the genome, L452R, K444T, G339D, and F486V (Fig. 4).

It can be seen that the location of the mutations on the spines in each subspecies began to be similar. In other words, there is a “convergent evolution” pattern, that is, heterogeneous species evolved similar traits, such as the wings of birds, insects, and bats, in response to their adaptation to specific environmental conditions. (evade immunity)

I haven’t found Omikron BQ.1.1 in Thailand yet.

BQ.1.1 has relative growth advantage than BA.5 approximately 5.3 times (531%) (Figure 5).

and has relative growth advantage, about 3.2 times more than BA.2.75.2 (327%) (Figure 6).

Which can be considered as a subspecies that are capable of spreading the fastest in the world at the moment. The severity of infection was not significantly different from BA.5.

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