See the Clearest Neptune Rings in 30 Years from the James Webb Space Telescope

See the Clearest Neptune Rings in 30 Years from the James Webb Space Telescope
See the Clearest Neptune Rings in 30 Years from the James Webb Space Telescope

This is a photograph of Neptune from the James Space Telescope. Webb clearly shows the rings surrounding the starsalong with another moon 7 luck This is the clearest photograph of Neptune’s rings around. 30 year ever

We know that the gas planets in our solar system are surrounded by rings. But besides Saturn, the rings of any other planet may not be seen very well. including Neptune, the last planet in the solar system. Approximately away from the sun 30 times the distance from the earth to the sun So far that at this distance the sun can only be seen as a bright spot. however We’ve seen Neptune’s rings once in the Voyager spaceship. 2 Fly close and take close-up photos of Neptune back to us last year. c.Prof. 1989 which is when 30 a year ago

Neptune’s atmosphere is contaminated with methane. which will absorb red light and infrared light well Make the stars appear For this latest historical image captured with a camera. NIRCam James’s WebbCollect data in the near infrared spectrum 0.6 – 5 micron which is the wavelength that the human eye cannot see The resulting image does not appear as blue or bluish as it does with other telescopes.

This image shows the bright lines on Neptune. It is a band of clouds in the upper atmosphere of stars. And for the first time, it was discovered that a star’s south pole was covered by a continuous band of clouds. Scientists also noted that nearby otherThe north pole of the star is brighter than the other regions. However, it is not yet possible to determine what process was caused.

in addition Neptune’s moons are also seen in this image. 7 luck too (of all 14 luck) with the moon Triton in the upper left corner of the picture. This is Neptune’s largest moon. The surface reflects light and infrared radiation received from the sun very well. It is clearly visible in this picture. while another small moon 6 The moon will be a small bright spot. other near Neptune’s rings


compiled : Thanakorn Angwattana Astronomical Information Officer Sod.

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