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After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reserves to strengthen the army. “Special military operations in Ukraine,” many parties have come forward to predict that. How will the appearance of the war after this change, will it become more intense, or will nothing change?

Some analysts estimate that Putin can summon all the reserves he wants. But the Russians will never be able to get those new troops in the training and weapons they need to fight in Ukraine.

Air tickets run out – prices go up After Putin ordered to mobilize 300,000 reserve personnel.

Putin announces massive mobilization Reinforce the Special Operations Forces in Ukraine

Open the heart of prisoners in Russia with an offer to fight in Ukraine in exchange for freedom

Therefore, if reserve personnel are recruited to battle These (most likely reluctance) faces face Ukraine on the front lines. They are more inclined to waste their lives than bring change to the front lines. And that will cause the Russian army to fail to invade Ukraine.

Alex Lord, a European and Eurasian expert at strategy analysis firm Sibylline, said: “Right now, the Russian army is not ready to deploy 300,000 reserves to the front line quickly and efficiently. Russia is struggling to effectively prepare its troops in Ukraine. After losing a lot of troops and equipment during the war.”

Institute for War Studies said According to an analysis by Western experts and Ukrainian intelligence agencies, Some Russian forces have lost 50-90% of their strength or combat potential.

Oryx, an open source intelligence website. Has gathered only evidence of the Russian losses that have been confirmed since the beginning of the war. Russian forces have lost more than 6,300 vehicles, including 1,168 tanks.

Jakub Yanofsky, a military analyst at Oryx, said: “In practice They don’t have enough modern equipment for many new soldiers.”

JT Crump, CEO of Sybilline. A former British Army veteran said Russia was beginning to suffer a shortage of ammunition in some units. and is looking to source raw materials so that they can repair or make replacements for the weapons that have been lost in Ukraine.

However, it wasn’t just the munitions like tanks and armored vehicles that Russia lost. but what they lack is the fighting spirit of soldiers on the front line Some people don’t even know that. “What are they risking their lives for?”

Ukrainian soldiers know They are fighting for their homeland. But many Russian soldiers did not know why they were in Ukraine. Resulting in the fullness of the war as well

In the principle of Pichai War Sunzi, there is one “factor to victory”. “You and your generals must be of one mind.” Without this factor, The war will be a failure.

Gabrielius Landsbergis Lithuanian Foreign Minister Calling Putin’s declaration of mobilization of reserve forces a “Signs of Despair”

“I think people don’t want a war that they absolutely don’t understand … People will be put in prison if they call fighting in Ukraine a war. And now they have to go into battle unprepared. No weapons, no armor, no helmets,” he said.

not only that Experts say that even if they have all the necessary equipment, weapons and combat incentives, it is impossible to quickly train 300,000 soldiers to be ready for battle.

Trent Talenko, former quality control inspector for the US Defense Contract Management Agency. “Right now, Russia does not have any special personnel or structures necessary for mass mobilization in Russia,” said the Russian Armed Forces, who studies logistics.

He said the 2008 reform of the Russian Armed Forces, which was aimed at modernizing the military and more professional. has undermined the importance of logistics and command structures As a result, Russia lacks potential in this field. which reflects past situations

Lord said It takes at least three months to mobilize and train Russian reserve personnel. “By then, it’s winter in Ukraine, so we are unlikely to see reserves transform the battlefield until the spring of 2023, and yet they are likely to be secured. Training is not good enough and there is no equipment ready to fight.”

Mark Hurtling, former US Army general And a CNN analyst said he had seen firsthand how poor Russian military training was during past visits.

“It’s terrible, like first aid training. There is little practical action to save resources. and most importantly Terrible Leadership…Leading a ‘newbie’ with low morale and reluctance. to be at the forefront It will only wreak havoc on Russia,” Hurtling said.

Telenko said the 300,000 reserves Russia would mobilize. is becoming the only casualties of Putin’s war. “Russia cannot train. supply of equipment And most importantly, lead them … 20-50 units of untrained soldiers. Only has an AK assault rifle, no radio. will be destroyed in a single collision with Ukrainian artillery or armored vehicles.”

Although Russia reports that at present fewer than 6,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine. Experts believe that The real number should be in the tens of thousands or tens of thousands. causing a crisis of shortage of personnel And it was necessary to recruit a variety of methods to use in military service. whether with the announcement of the regulations conscription of prisoners to war or making a high salary offer

Russia’s manpower shortage at the moment It seemed to reflect back to the leader that Is there enough ability to lead the army? as the proverb says “Just as the number of winters indicates the strength of a pine tree, The personnel crisis is also an indicator of a general’s ability.”

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